Happy Birthday, Starbuccaneer!

Happy Birthday to yooooo!

love, me! b! :smiley:

Happy life day!

Oh, wait…wrong fan community…

Happy FRAAAAAKING birthday, Starbuccaneer.

I’ll third that !! Happy Birthday SB !

Roses are Red
Algae is Green
Spend the Day in your Bunk
IYKWIM ! :smiley:

hope it’s a great one!

In honor of this special day, Starbaccaaneer, I wrote you this song.
I hope you like it.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Brithday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Starbuccaneer
If You Know What I Mean.


wooooooooo happy birthday

Yo Starbuccaneer, Alles Alles Gute und Liebe zum Geburtstag,

Happy Birthday to you. I hope you’re not spending the entire day in the bunk.

Now, I can’t get you a real gift, but you’ll get my suggestion for a callsign instead,

so, since you’re the sweetest birthday child today …




Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum
Hope Starbuccaneer is having a lot of fun

Happy Birthday from Talos IV, where all your dreams come true.

“IYKWIM?” Did I miss a memo?

Um, never mind. I was having a Larry moment. If you know what I mean…

Somebody beat ya with a pipe?:eek:

Happy b-day Starbuccaneer!

yeah probably, or 2

One day closer to Carousel!

Good one, Pike!! I wonder if any of these young nuggets will get your Logan’s Run reference.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one!

Woohoo! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Starbuccaneer! Hope yer leg’s doin’ better and that you’re not thinking of going all Pirate on us… :eek:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birhtday to you
Happy birthday to Starbuccaneer!
Your awesome!
And one year older!
And as you get really old
Enjoy everys econd
And there’s no way this line is ever going to scan!