Why I Should Be The Next Doctor post Matt Smith (Or nominate someone else)

Okay, with Matt Smith’s announced departure after the Christmas 2013 Special BBC and Steven Moffat needs to choose the next Doctor. I will to devote THIS thread to anyone campaigning for why he or she would be a great Doctor.

And the funnier the response, the better everyone will appreciate it! This >>>IS<<< GWC after all.

tosses hat into the ring

I announce my intention to win the role of the 12th incarnation of THE DOCTOR! My qualifications include acting in high school and a better trivia knowledge than Moffat possesses. Also, I have even listened to all the Big Finish Audio range up to a certain point so my EU knowledge is above par. I also promise that if chosen I will get a vocal instructor to help out for when we do a Neil Gaiman written MUSICAL EPISODE! Imagine it-singing Daleks! Strax in a dance number! Could you do better? NO I SAY!
So remember when you’re voting this…what? It’s not an election? OH COME ON! Well, when this becomes a poll in a week or so remember-singing Daleks. Who else will offer you that?
(also-I want to bring Romana back as played by Amanda Tapping. I’m sure it can be done)

Rupert Grint or Jamie Murray from Warehouse 13.

Jaime Murray is now also on Defiance as perhaps the best character on the show, Stahma Tarr, and has played in notable British shows Ringer, Hustle, Valentine as well as movies The Deaths Of Ian Stone and Devil’s Playground.

Ya. She’d do. Great Pull Edoz.

Mentioned thi son twitter already but

James Callis (Baltar from BSG)
Hugh Laurie (House from…uh…House)

What I would love to see in a dying 11th crash the TARDIS on Donna Noble’s doorstep. Her past life comes rushing back and the only way to fix it is for the 11th to either give her his regeneration energy or channel her and become her. Then the Doctor Donna’s adventures will begin.

Other names I’ve seen some fans pop up with:

Helena Bonham Carter
Amanda Tapping (My waaaay impossible vote)
Benedict CumberspellhoweveryouwantandyouknowwhoImean
Tom HiggleLoki

and then there’s this ancient picture that seems to be prophecy

io9 bookie predictions regarding.


Here I am quoting myself from another thread … but I think the content is viable … replace B7 with DW

OK For female Doctor, I love the idea of bringing back Doctor Donna. But that would still be a companion to the actual Doctor. Also I think what made Donna so great was the chemistry she and David Tennent had. I would rather see her as the 50th anniv assist than Rose. But I see that as well.
My vote for female Doctor is #1: Tilda Swinton. She would being the perfect sense of dry wit, knowledge and all around strangeness to the role.
For men, Hugh Laurie, or Alan Rickman! We can’t get any younger than Matt Smith, unless they try and sell us a teen Doctor, so why not go a little older?

I truly do not get the obsession with have a female doctor. Granted it’s a fun idea for say an episode not though for a whole series or such.

I do agree we need an older doctor though. Hugh Laurie would be great except for his identification with HOUSE (and refs to that character in the doctors wife). Now Jamie Bamber would be going in the right direction. James Calis is also a great choice.

My question is we will get a new doctor on the Xmas show. Do we then wait 4+ months for new shows? I hope not.

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It’s most likely not going to be a woman, simply because it would disrupt all the fan base so much. It’s just a ton of fun to fantasize about it. I think Jaimie Bamber would be a terrible fit just because he’s much more of a “leading man” type. Too handsome and that would be distracting. Hugh Laurie would also be distracting as well. It would have to be someone yet undiscovered who has a great sense of gravitas as well as a certain comedic timing that would define his/her own take on the Doctor. I’ll ba happy as long as they stay away from the brightly colored clown coat and the Self-awareness that 6 & 7 had. Brits do a lot of things right. But, their affection to clown type stuff creeps me the hell out.

Part 1: Everyone’s a Big Damn Hero in their Own Way
Steven Moffat stared out the window into the gray. It had been a dreadfully long day. Outside the chill in the air mixed with the incessant fall of rain dampening his mood. Caroline Skinner, the other executive producer of Doctor Who sat next to him flipping through headshots. They were in the unenviable of trying to catch lightning in a jar once again and find someone into the most giant character shoes there were.

“Right. Who is next?” Stemo asked hoping for some improvement to never ending line of disappointment that had been cycling through his office. Daniel Radcliffe had just left after having reprised a rather shocking scene from Equus that left them both slightly uncomfortable.

Caroline glanced at the call sheet and furrowed her brow, “This can’t be right. We said no Americans.”

Stemo glanced over, “Who is it?”

At that moment the door flew open and a ruggedly handsome man strode in and shook their hands confidently with a wry smile on his face.
“Hey. Nathan Fillion, how do you do?”

Stemo and Caroline looked at each and simply blinked. “Fine,” Stemo managed to stammer out “but you’re…”

“Nathan Fillion, yes. And I am the man to captain the ship!” he said putting his fists on his waist and striking a pose

“Erm, sorry” Caroline interjected. “Captain?”

“Of course!” Nathan said, emboldened. “I will Captain the ship with a fine compliment of a crew.”

“Crew. Um , hold on a moment…” Stemo tried to interject, “The T.A.R.D.I.S. doesn’t have a crew. The Doctor has a companion.”

“Aha! A companion! Perfect, I know the perfect actor.” He paused dramatically stroking an invisible goatee, “now, about this crew…who fixes her when she is broken? Who is the pilot? What if someone gets hurt? What if we need to weave a tale using religion as an allegory for the broken nature of the human soul? What if we need a bad-ass little girl?”

“Wait. Stop.” Caroline said leaning forward. “Do you know who Doctor is?”

“Who is this Doctor? Duh.” Nathan rolled his eyes. “Simon is the Doctor, trust me I know this material really well.”

Stemo shook his head. “Wait, who is Simon?”

“Simon? Simon is the Doctor that’s who!” he said patting himself on the back for that turn of phrase.

“Look, I’m sorry” Stemo interjected, “There has been a terrible misunderstanding”

Nathan looked perplexed, “My agent told me there was huge role available that centered on a man flying a ship. That’s all I needed to know, I dropped the phone and came straight here.”

Stemo rubbed his temples. “Look, this isn’t what you think, the Doctor…"

Nathan gasped, “Oh no. I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Caroline looked empathetic, “No worries, we all make mistakes.”

Nathan gathered himself up and began to sing, “It may not feel too classy begging just to eat. But you know who does that? Lassie! And she always gets a treat!”

Stemo looked agast. “Erm, what?”

Nathan continued, “So you wonder what your part is 'cause you’re homeless and depressed. But home is where the heart is
so your real home’s in your chest!”

“STOP! STOP! STOP!” Stemo pounded the table in frustration. "I appreciate you taking the time but this isn’t going to work.”

A wave of disappointment washed over Nathan’s face. “Was I not horrible enough?”

“I wouldn’t say that” Stemo responded clearly exhausted.

Nathan reached into his pocket and put a big red button on the desk. Stemo peered at the button and asked, “What is the button for?”

Nathan said solemnly, “If your miracle doesn’t get here, you just pound this button once and it will call me back” and with that he spun around on his heels and left the room.

“Well, that was fun.” Stemo said not holding back any sarcasm. “Who is next?”

“No way…” was all Caroline could utter before a knock came at the door.

“HELLO, HELLO!” Eddie Izzard said brightly while walking in.

To be continued.

Before I delve into “Wouldn’t It Be Geek-Great If?” nonsense, I’ll say this much on a few mentioned/rumored names, simply because I’m researching a fair bit of this for other casts and media…

While I love…LOVE…Andrew Scott, and think he’s the best thing to happen to psychodrama roles since Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter, or Ledger’s Joker, he may be a bit too “chaotic evil” for our fair Doctor. I’ll have to research other film work, and see how he ranges. As for James Callis, I have yet to see the comedic chops necessary at times for the role (save the moments when Baltar was comedic relief as an emotional or physical Punching Judy). On the female casting side, I do find Jamie Murray fascinating, but I’d hope they forced her to eat a few sandwiches. When she gets scary-thin, she looks like Michael Jackson-meets-Skeletor.

Other no-joking suggestions that I think have real potential, even if they aren’t on the current short list…

For male talent: James Nesbitt, Robert Carlyle or Tobias Menzies (and no, I’m not kidding.)
For female talent: Helen Mirren (gods, she would be incredible), Hermione Norris (of MI-5 fame), or Tilda Swinton.

And just for ha-ha factor…

For male talent: Richard Coyle (‘Jeffrey’ from Coupling. He’s gorram hilarious, and wouldn’t a Welsh Doctor just be…perfect? YES, I know he’s not really Welsh. Hush up.)
For female talent: Zoe Wanamaker (‘Madame Hooch’ from Harry Potter. I’m sorry, she’s just crazy-cool enough to pull it off.)

I’ll throw a crazy prediction out: Matt Smith won’t actually leave the show right away, but he won’t be the Doctor either. In 2014, Matt Smith is… the Valeyard.

First of all this post (not just the quotes part) was great! I’m looking forward to Part II, Solai!

Second of all, the show has attempted to man the TARDIS with a “crew” before. The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson, had several companions that effectively “crewed” the TARDIS with 3-4 companions simultaneously. Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, and Vislor were the main companions. This sort of TARDIS “crewing” by several simultaneous companions could indeed work with the newer, more complex and in-depth writing available today versus in the 80’s. The stories would probably turn into more Star Trek-ish stories with multiple plots converging into one main solution at the end of the story whether it was a one episode story or multiple episode story arc.

I’m not saying it is preferable. I’m only saying it is possible. And as the series progresses I’m sure we’ll see it at least attempted sometime in the future again.

Thank you kindly. Really enjoyed writing it. The Companion bit literally made me gasp when I realized it. I may have high fived myself. The Doctor / Simon interplay also basically wrote itself once I started playing with it. Eddie’s voice is harder then I thought it would be. Hard to convey, but I think I may have cracked the code. Watch this space.

Second of all, the show has attempted to man the TARDIS with a “crew” before. The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson, had several companions that effectively “crewed” the TARDIS with 3-4 companions simultaneously. Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, and Vislor were the main companions.

Yes, and they were all a LOT shorter than him. I always thought it was funny.

How about David Hewlett?

Haha! I can’t read that without hearing his voice! I even pause at the end of every sentence and see him lean forward a bit at every sentence’s start.