Who Will Survive?

I’m not sure if this should just apply to the books, TV show, or both, but who do you think is going to still be standing at the end of the series?

I’d like to think Arya, Dani, and Tyrion will all survive, but that’s probably overly optomistic.

The one person I definitely don’t see dying is Littlefinger. He seems like he’s pretty much the Lando Calrissian of the series. No matter how bad things get, he always seems to land on his feet in a pretty good position.

I’m nearly finished the fourth book now. Halfway through the third book or so, I was expecting GRRM to kill off ALL the interesting characters. Then it seemed he only had something against the male characters! LOL! I understand some of the lost threads make a reappearance in the fifth book. Yes, I had to consult a wiki a number of times after asking, “Wait! What happened to so-and-so from the previous book.”

I don’t subscribe to HBO but, I have seen the first two seasons. It gave a nice reinforcement to all the who’s who in the books, and the extra visualizations were nice too.

Back on topic, who do I think will survive? Beric Dondarrion! Just kidding. I have to see Dani making it to the end, and my least favorite - Sansa, although… given her “mentor” in book four, she could become more interesting. As much as I like Arya, I think she’ll be an entirely unrecognizable character in the end. And Cersei, of course; we have to have an antagonist! Notice they’re all female characters! I still don’t hold out much hope for the men. Bravery, nobility, strength, brilliance, anything resembling a good trait… none of them saved the men.

My Final Five?






Edit: And I’ve read all the books.

That is very probably correct. But frak him!

I am digrtessing (shock I know) but I see littlefinger, in a more appropriate refernce for this community, as the Gaius Baltar, only a tad brighter than poor misguided Gaius.

I’ve read tot he end of book 5 so have a better idea than most who’ll survive tot he end as a few more have died, but I’m not saying who, for fear of accidental spoiling. For the same reason, although I shall be participating int he “post a day challange” I’ll be avoiding this forum on Mondays until after 9pm BST, they’ve already changed some of the characters (for example, the cirumstances in which Jamie loses his hand are more complex and take a lot longer) but it’s an interesting ride.

As my friend Aaron Macom over on the scifi dig podcast says, ifg you want the same story as the book, read the book, TV/comics/movie is a differrent medium and stories are bound to change as they shift formats.
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Truth. He’ll be there.

I haven’t read the 5th book. The 4th was too plodding for me to want to read on. But the show is fantastic! Based on reading 1-4 and watching all of the show that has aired so far, I think that:

  1. Sansa may be more likely to survive than Arya, much as it hurts me to even type that out. Arya has stronger convictions; she’s more willing to die for something worthwhile.

  2. Jon Snow

  3. Dani

Beyond that, I don’t know. I hope the remaining wolves make it.

#5 is much, much better than 4. A lot more narrative momentum, a lot less desciption of food.

Hmmmm… alright, perhaps I’ll tackle it sometime before #6 comes out. Or before the 5th season of the show, so I can continue to compare the two. Usually I don’t enjoy deep book-movie comparisons, but these pieces are such different creatures that it’s quite engaging. There’s usually a real reason behind changes, not just, “how to cram this beast into 44 minutes.”

I promise: 5 ain’t nearly the slog that 4 is. That said, the way it ends, you don’t wanna be with the rest of us poor souls waiting for #6.

My joke about 4 is: “A Song of Fire and Ice and Seeds and Nuts and Dried Fruit and Oaten Porridge and Flour and Barley Bread and Three Wheels of Yellow Cheese and Two Boiled Eggs and Pot of Honey.”

Also, Littlefinger probably will make it to the end. I just don’t have the heart to contemplate it.

Another problem with 4 was the decision to only use half the characters, then cover the same time period with the other set of characters in 5. Been a while since I read them, but I think both

[spoiler]Tyrion and Arya[/spoiler] were in 5 and not in 4, which made it a lot less interesting.

Without using a spoiler box, she was in book 4

Might I suggest a poll? NIYKWIM? I think you need to start a new thread to do so, but I can merge these posts into it.


1 dragon
1 wolf
1 kitchen maid
1 stable boy

If they’re lucky

There would be way too many options to fit in a poll.

If you’ve read the books, you know who will survive. I don’t see the show changing any of that and I would be disappointed if they did. So far the accelerated timeline has worked well for me. I am keen on seeing the dragons grow fast, selfish desire on my part!

Having just finished watching season two today, and not having read the books, (Yes, I know, my geek card is on probation… :() I am guessing that Arya will survive, because she made friends with a facewalker and will learn a LOT of skills after she reconnects with her family.

Creating a poll to merge with the other thread.

Who do you think will survive to the end of the series?

I have decided to only do “main” characters

I cannot vote, not everyone has read as far as I have (indeed, some have not read at all) and I may accidenitlly spoil becuase I know two books ahead of the current series that certain characters are dead

Your choices do not indicate deaths they just indicate who you think will be there



I kid … I’m a kidder :slight_smile: