What should Whedon do next?

Now that dollhouse is going away; i was thinking of what i would like him to tackle next.

after some time for him to relax and have a good long bender. maybe find religion or you know an even better scotch.

and onto future work well me my wishlist

well in all probability Dr. horrible 2 would be fun and cost effective.

after that; well call me crazy but i want more Buffy, waits for the laughs to subside. Yes I know the original cast has moved on, and yes i don’t really want them to comeback a decade later, what i want is some more stories, in the universe. the comic is great so we all know that they could continue with a new cast and a new take on what they have done in a new way. I still think Whedon was at his best when dealt with high school and the occult.

and finally i would wish for him to do a puppet musical. (note to self muppet dr. horrible would be the most perfect thing in history…

what are you looking at?
The wee little puppet man.

anyhow what would you like to see him do going forward.

if there’s gonna be puppet musical of any kind, Craig Ferguson better be a part of it.

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And Craig’s puppets can yodel. The kids love yodeling.

I’ve always wanted him to do a Broadway musical. Don’t even care what the subject is, but I know it would be awesome.

Whatever Joss does next, I think he should do it on his own terms, and not be reliant on a network or cable channel for distribution. There is simply no patience on the part of these people to allow a scripted show to run its course any more. For example, while it was difficult at the time, it would be absolutely impossible for a show like Babylon 5 to complete a five-season arc these days. Even a show like Seinfeld could easily find itself canceled before they completed a full year.

I agree that Joss should stop banging his head against the brick wall that is the networks. Not that it can’t work ever, but it’s just not working for him. He had great success with Doctor Horrible, and we need someone like him to help lead the way into online content/new media. Or, at the least, he should make a show for a cable channel (maybe breathe some life into SyFy?), where his creation will have the time to grow and be nurtured.

I agree. Been playing Dragon Age like some kind of crazy person atm and I’m sort of jonesin’ for Emperor Whedon to do some fantasy TV not set modern day.

there’s a yes and a no to that from me. Yes I would love for him to have the creative freedom to go nuts, but fact is he needs the resources that the networks have; to create that vision. Yes Dr. horrible was great but it was also limited in its scope. I respect that networks need to make money, and in this climate with the fundamental shift in how consume media. its becoming very difficult to do so in a profitable way. So yes and no; really mostly i just would like from the networks and any show creator to agree to a certain level of episodes and design the story around that. You say hey Joss you have this cool idea for a firefly spinoff. Lets make say a 10 episode story arc. and if it takes off and they want more, cool and if not well the story that they wanted to tell, was. I’m kind of straying off point. but i just don’t see people with camcorders making the same level of quality content as a network with resources hopefully a hybrid system will come around in a few years. Where profits can be made, and shows can be given a fair shot.

I’m not sure that made a lot of sense.:o

Here is my thought…

Joss should overwrite a treatment that has a 26 or 39 episode arch and pitch a two or three season show. AND film all episodes before the pilot airs. and do the deal with syfy or CW. as far as topic or content… if joss thinks its interesting enough to write about, I’ll watch it.

I think if Joss needed money, he could pursue his own sponsorships. I don’t believe he needs a network at all. I think a lot of content producers are going to go that route in the future, just as the music industry is starting to see now, with artists beginning to distribute their music without having a label.

Actually, there will be more Buffy, NicknameBoomer. Although in motion comic format.

“What should Whedon do next?”

Hmmm, ask me if I want a job. That’d be nice.

Yes. My ego is huge. Thanx for noticing.

Actually, it did. I was going to say something along those lines. Joss Whedon is not George Lucas, who has unlimited personal wealth (thanks to savvy business management in the early days of Star Wars) to finance whatever he wants to do and worry about distribution later. I do like the limited story arc idea too. I’ve been thinking–totally as a layman/fan, since I don’t work in television–lately that if scripted TV is going to survive in the U.S. it needs to adopt a more limited model similar to that in British television, where seasons are shorter and cost can be more contained.

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I completely agree. It’s just too much pressure to commit to 22 episodes a year–for the network, for the creators, for everybody, especially when you’re talking about expensive sci-fi/fantasy shows. Britain’s been pumping out quality TV for years with a model that’s now been used successfully for a long time on many cable channels. I hope we see more of it. I can wait a little longer between seasons if those seasons are well conceived and executed and don’t vanish halfway through.

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The memory is foggy now, but I thot I heard him say at Comicon that if Dollhouse didn’t make it, he’d devote himself to the new medium.

Can anyone verify that?

@frakkintalos - tattered sock rears its tattered head = PRICELESS!!! bwaaaaaah!

Yes, but what does he mean by the “new medium?” I think he’s gone mad with the failure of Dollhouse and decided to devote himself to developing shows on the “new” medium of the zoetrope. That’s about due for a revival, right?