Walking Dead

NOW! :eek:

Well that was pretty fucked up. :eek:

Ah, Rick. Why are the pretty ones always so dumb?

“We bury the ones we love and burn the rest.”

Such a warm sentiment. So touching. :rolleyes:

Yeah it’s about to get war out there lol. Break out the marshmallows. :slight_smile:

“Sophia died a long time ago.”

Well, good. I’m we can accept that and finally move on.

They should have buried them in the fields so that their bodies at least would do some good.

You want zoms to fertilize your corn? That gives a whole new meaning to “you never really own corn, you just borrow it”. :eek:

Hey! Arm!


Riding in the back with the corpses? Eww. :eek:

It’s the circle of death. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I wrong for wanting something to munch on Shane?

“I believe that Shane sacrificed Otis.”

How could he possibly know that?

Shane’s full of it. If he knew Sophia was in there, he would’ve done the exact same thing.

Seems like Shane sort of hinted at it last season. In the woods, right? When Dale was trying to get rid of the guns?

He can’t and it’s hurting my immersion

Probably. But that doesn’t mean he knew.

I hope your immersion feels better soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

"Her heart’s racing. She’s burning up. "

Uh yeah. She’s probably turning. Run. :frowning:

Put some ointment on it. :slight_smile: