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So it appears that there is some development happening to bring Walking Dead to television. According do the /Film blog Frank Darabont, the director of Shawshank, Green Mile, and the Mist, is working on developing Walking Dead for AMC. Check out the full article here

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Frank Darabont, the writer/director of such films as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist, is in final talks to write and direct a small screen adaptation of the Image Comics series The Walking Dead. Darabont pitched the concept to AMC and several other outlets, with Gale Anne Hurd, who is attached to exec produce. The black and white comic book series was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore in 2003, and is considered to be the definitive zombie graphic novel ever created.

The ongoing series now has over 60 issues, which have been collected in 10 trade paperbacks (but month’s end). You can pick up the first tradepaperback on Amazon for around $10. Brad Ladlee from Examiner said that The Walking Dead “realistically depicts the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse” and is “[m]ore than just a scary story about zombies, it is about how people would physically and mentally handle the dead rising and survive the fall of modern society.”

The story follows a group of people, led by a small-town Kentucky Police Officer named Rick Grimes, trying to survive in a world overrun by zombies. But unlike most zombie films, the books are more character centric. AMC’s senior vp of programing Joel Stillverman says that the tv show will stay faithful to the graphic novels.

“This is not about zombies popping out of closets,” Stillerman told Variety. “This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way.”

And if you think about it, who better to do a series set in a character survival piece set in a horrific world than Frank Darabont? I have the super duper massive trade paperback which collects the first 8 volumes of the series, but have been unable to find time to begin reading it. That said, I’ve had many conversations in the past with my comic geek friends who have read the series. Most of them agreed that there would be no way to turn this into a film, and that it would work much better as a television series or cable miniseries.

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i herd there making a tv series about the walking dead:D:D

AMC has ordered six episodes of the “Walking Dead.”-


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The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in October 2010 during Fearfest.

Here is a behind the scenesvideo of The Walking Dead

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Exceptional! Me Likey…:wink:

Just watched the premiere episode yesterday. HOLY CRAP, that was good! I totally forgot that Frank Darabont was directing it (surprised it wasn’t zombies in prison! Get it? Shawshank, Green Mile…) and man, if this didn’t look high-quality!
Plus, the biggest thing I liked about it, is that usually with a two-hour zombie flick, you’ve gotta shove ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag–here’s the main characters, here’s how they get introduced to the situation, here’s our half-baked theory for why there’s zombies–and typically by the end of the movie, I never feel satisfied. Mostly b/c you never get a satisfactory wrap-up of what happened, but just leave knowing that most of the main characters survived for X period of hours/days/weeks, but that the epidemic is still going on.
Finally, this series has given the proper chance to really build up to what an epidemic like this entails to the mass public, and elaborate on the different ways the few living are doing to attempt to survive.
Now, hate on me if you want, but I was pushed the book by numerous comic geek friends of mine (and I’m a raging advocate of comics) but I just couldn’t get past the substandard art. It just looked way too sketchy and unrendered, and I’m a huge fan of Sandman and other alt comics, so don’t think it’s because “if it’s not Jim Lee and some people in tights, forget it”, I’m an advocate of the small alt circulations, and am willing to sacrifice the artwork for a superior story.

I was relieved that they did not give in to temptation and try to reunite him with his wife and kid by the end of the episode. Instead they left him in jeopardy and only gave us a glimpse of the other survivor camp, and introduced us oh-so briefly to the wife and child and the fact that a ‘triangle’ has developed.

This is a good sign, it appears they are focusing more on the characters and how they cope with a world turned upside down. And even more importantly with the torment of loved ones turned undead, and the inner battle between trying to remain ‘civilized’ and yet brutal enough to fight back and survive. Rather than focusing on gunplay and makeup effects.

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Yeah, totally. The more I think about it, I think this series is appealing to me in the same way that BSG is. Even tho’ BSG is a sci-fi series, it’s so much MORE than that. I always looked at BSG as a morality play–what decisions do people make in extraordinary circumstances, with little time to weigh out the consequences of harsh actions? Now BSG chose to do this with robots, but Walking Dead is making a similar show with zombies. What do you do when your wife has been turned into a zombie? How can you bring yourself to kill the mother of your child, when she still looks relatively the same, but the soul has become, in a way, possessed? I’m sure that guy’s imagining that, perhaps a cure will be discovered, and he’ll get his wife back. But there’s no guarantee about that, and he’s got the ability to end her suffering right now, you know? Can people still maintain their civility and use their intelligence in a world that seems almost dead-set against them doing so?
So I’m very excited to see how they continue to expand this story and characters, and more importantly, I’m thrilled to see such content get onto general television!

this show exceeded all my expectations—frakkin brilliant!

Really liked it. The wife’s a huge zombie fan, and she adored it. I would love for decomposing undead to replace sparkly sexual metaphors.

What, so like “lay there like a corpse?”

Shuffle ‘n’ moan.

Really, though, I like the claustrophobia and sheer weight of zombie hordes. I’ve never been much of a fan of vampires (saving GRRM’s Fevre Dream), but zombies, while still not my favorite, are good and scary.

The makeup and practical effects on that half-zombie were just fantastic. That was disgusting. It’s a good thing.