V 2x05 Concordia

Tuesday, 8 February 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Concordia. Someone plays EVE Online there.

Solo frak… Great…

I’ll try to watch it. I gave up halfway through last week. :frowning:

Tyler’s so adorable.

Unfortunately, his gleaming smile is the only joy of any kind on this show. :frowning:

At least on the old show, Diana seemed to truly enjoy being evil.

Tori died…again. d:

This ep seems more interesting.

Well, Diana ate that one guy…

It’s interesting enough, but I had a revelation last week: there’s no joy. It’s just dire seriousness all the time. There’s no genuine feeling of any kind. Even the evil characters take no joy in being evil. It’s exceedingly difficult to make myself care about characters who are always this miserable. :frowning:

Funny Geico commercial.

Diana’s always eating some guy.

My issue is the series takes itself too seriously. I don’t want a camp fest like Chuck, but some would be fine.

The whole family on the V mother ship. How quaint.

So the V ship has a chief engineer after all. Can I call him Scotty?

Sweet alien shuttle certainly blows your crappy bike out of the water. :stuck_out_tongue:

That verbal sparing between Anna and Erica reminds me of Ripley and the Queen Alien fight in Aliens 2.

Personally, I’d choose the Shuttle. But Shooter Jr would still take the bike.

Lol. The facial expressions are like that I guess.

Seriously? He’d take the bike?

The open road and wind in his face? Oh ya. He’s more of a dare devil than a space cadet.

I thought the original miniseries found a good balance. There was Diana, vamping it up, and Wille, playing dumb. Most of the other characters were serious, but they still had light moments, just like real life. If real people were as completely joyless as the characters on this show, why bother fighting “the good fight” at all?

Yes. Yes, you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are making Stargate pyramids!!!