V 2x02 Serpent's Tooth

Tuesday, 11 January 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Almost was gonna miss this because I was prepping for the snow. Good thing I noticed my dvr recording No Ordinary Family.

That was a big reveal.

Lol. He put too much stress on “Gift.”

Why were ppl running in front of him instead of away??

Been ten minutes. I guess I’m solo.

Finally happened.


Oh. Not good!!

Diana vs Anna. There’s a deathmatch. But, I think Anna would win by a land slide.

I’m here. Internet was dodgy tonight with the storm, but I’m here now. :slight_smile:

Is pointing a gun at her really going to be an incentive? She was willing to blow herself up, after all.

So the soul is in our skin? Of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh… They could have handled this scene better methinks.

Ah, I thought you were frakking Green Hornet maybe. Dunno about everyone else.

What big teeth you have.

Everyone except snow workers gets a snow day tomorrow.

Apparently no one frakked Green Hornet. Just put it out there in case anyone was interested.

I’m working tomorrow. I’m already here, and I’m probably not leaving any time soon. :slight_smile:

Was an ok ep. Not much to speak on though.

Yeah, they kind of blew all the good scenes on the preview. :frowning:

From io9:

Last night’s episode of V had it all: multi-generational cleavage baring, rat eating, and Israeli-backed terrorists who operate out of a clothing factory in New York. Plus, everybody prays! Spoilers ahead.

V explains why the human soul is located in your mother’s cleavage