V 1x06 Pound of Flesh

Tuesday, 6 April 2010
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

nom nom nom

aroused shiver

I was telling Audra after we watched 1x05 that V (2009) is really starting to take on the same (good) feel as the original. Anna is supposed to be a sexy yet scary chick, and they really did their best to make her one back in the '80s. (Yeah, in hindsight that hamster scene is, well, a bit comical. But it was a sound idea, just not something executable within TV budgets back then.) Now, though?


Davidj0207, I had almost erased that image from my mind… re-traumatized

I rushed home from grocery shopping because I thought this started at 9, not 10. ):

I’ll blame Reg for making me mix up the time. d:

You think they’ll show teethy Anna in the “Previously on V” segment?

Phhh sexy sexy bliss time

Jesse Hutch! :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: Oh. Well, that was brief. :eek:

“Immune to my bliss.”

Someone called that.

Juliets flash sideways is much worse than anyone else. She has to battle the V’s

That’s what she gets for setting off a nuke. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :slight_smile: But wasn’t it even better when Charlie and Penny met up last Thursday in a flash forward?

At least Charlie is clean in his. And much much smarter.

Why do the Fifth Column people refer to themselves as visitors when they talk to each other. Shouldnt they be calling them selves by their actual species name.

Interesting test…

We haven’t heard any visitor speak their native language yet AFAIK.

Badger wins.

and yet weve seen them “do it”

“It’s all about working the poles.”

IYKWIM :smiley:

Much as we always talk about our Homo sapiens technology and Home sapiens civilization, right? :rolleyes:

Actually, that was a quote from last week’s episode.

Ugh! I know that guy!