V 1x03 A Bright New Day

Tuesday, 17 November 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

I don’t know why, but her new “partner” strikes me as resistance…

And we have Walsh back. Dang they could have used that in Serenity.

Maybe we’ll have that scene in Serenity 2. :slight_smile:

This woman doesn’t know the difference between the uniforms of a priest and a policeman?

They’re going to skin him alive? Will they make him into a belt? :rolleyes:

Nah, a fine set of Leather luggage with a pair of pumps size 7.:smiley:

In late, what’d I miss?

Wash is alive, with amnesia.

Juliette has a Visitor partner.

The Visitors are “connected” — hive mind? :confused:

Good thing this advanced alien race never thot of installing cameras in the hallways of their secured facilities… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much, China fell to the V’s the US just bowed (oh wait that was Obama).

Never underestimate the power of extraterrestrial hot chicks. :smiley:

Crocodile tears. :stuck_out_tongue:

Construct? They’re in the Matrix! :eek:

There are more V’s in the FBI.

Oh my gods! They killed Wash again! You bastards! :eek:

And he’s dead again. This time no return. 5th column on the motherships to. Yea!! How much you want to bet that Anna’s second is part of the column.

Are we going to see that transformer-satellite that’s ‘not science fiction’ every episode?

BTW where the heck is everyone tonight? Must be busy i guess.

Ew, he’s getting his mammalian secretions all over her! :eek::smiley: