True Blood 4X11 Soul of Fire

Cant find a Frak party…so Im makin one

Sams shifter gf is haaaawtness

ok—that was impressive

Marnie is completely batshitcrazy

Thats the best vampire slayage ive seen in years :slight_smile:

Seriously!?! This episode is called Frakkin Sookie?

That is OSSIM!!

Sorry I can’t join you. No HBO here. :frowning:

I wish—just threw that out there

beat the hell out of him Sam

Alcide is about to open up a can of whoopass :eek:

Its not…I just put that there, sorry

Its called Soul of Fire, but Frakkin Sookie would work too!

bad stuff is about to happen, isnt it?

Oh man. Poor Jason

damn Jason…

Refraktion later?

waitwaitwait…Andy is gonna get some???

Jeez. Whats up with the horny fairy?

It’s ‘Soul of Fire’. I changed the thread. giggle


Thanks KIMMEH!!

well…I think he is dead