True Blood 4x06 I Wish I Was the Moon

Sunday, 31 July 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Bill looks a little confused…

I think Bill is just a wee bit jealous.

And Sookie is definitely using that

“I am not the vampire you think I am”…

These are now the vampires you are looking for?

No Bill, you really don’t want to kill Eric - you are just jealous

So the “baby” really creeps me out, but I am thinking it is the Ghost of Rene causing all the trouble…just my opinion


I didn’t thinks shifters could shift into other human forms, or am I mistaken?

surprised me too

and now Sookies out of a gig

Come on Sookie, do you really think Jason is going to be able to help you with Bill.

And you don’t realize that is no Sam?

this is a seX thing isnt it?


Were-panther bitches!!!

Only until Sam realizes what is going on…when was the last time she actually worked anyway?

I love how Jason is so clueless - it makes him adorable.

point taken…she is the worst waitress

“ise me…avenge ourself”


This witch is a little off her rocker…wonder what she is going to do next

ok…this ic just frakked up right here :eek:

Oh this is not good, she is able to call them, and make them walk into the sun without thinking???

(I am a min or so behind because I had rewind to catch something that was said)

Yup, definitely not good - I think she was just possessed.

yeah…now that shes taken over…it aont gonna be good