Thursday Night March 18th

When in Texas I’ve been told it’s a good idea to visit a steakhouse.

Rafain Brazilian Steakhouse
18010 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75287

Is right up the road from the hotel, I’ll totally defer to anyone with local knowledge but it looks pretty cool.

Any interest?

I’m down for it.

One more week WOOT!

I’m sure that place is good, but it is not a “Texas” steakhouse. Totally different style of food.


There a few more closer to real Texas steakhouses on this list. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting a Brazilian steak experience when traveling to Texas.

Steakhouse sounds good, not sure about a Brazilian Steakhouse though.

Have you dined at Bob’s? If so, any good?

I could go for some meat. IYKWIM :stuck_out_tongue:

do they wax you afterwards? :eek:

Well yeah but brazilian steakhouses got like crocodile and stuff right?

That’s what I was wondering when I first read it! :smiley: Run away! Run away!

Hopefully Audra, Chuck and Sean can join us too as it’s Raemani’s birthday that day.

None that I have ever been to. Maybe they have some listed on the menu of that place. If you want crocodile I’m sure you can find it. Thought you wanted a more Texasy steak place.

I don’t really eat steak out much because you can make it a home a lot cheaper and most of the time better or as good as a regular steak place. Not that there is anything wrong with going out for a steak.

Fajitas…now if you want some good fajitas, I can hook you up.

I thought the point of brazilian steakhouses was like all different kinda meats? Like you got the normal kinds (beef, pork, etc) but then you got like stuff like bison, crocadile, ostritch, etc

Also I’m not fighting to go to a brazilian steakhouse, I’ll obviously defer to local opinions. How’s that Bob’s place you linked?

I didn’t see those meats listed on the menu for that Brazilian steakhouse.

The Keg Steakhouse is just a bit south of the hotel. Menu looks good and affordable. Most of the others I’ve checked out don’t show prices…meaning I can’t afford to eat there!

Have a look:

I’m not either personally, but as long as there are at least some non-steak and red meat options I’ll be happy.

We’ll find some place we can all agree on. Mapquest shows over 150 restaurants near our hotel:

Food will not be a problem next weekend. :slight_smile:


I’m up for a good steak Thursday. So is it going to be Brazillian steak or big sorry barb Texas steak?

im so freakin jealous… but ill llive, save some over indulgence of food for me too…

Yes, this part of the world is a target rich environment for someone wanting to get a bite to eat.

The one I eat at from time to time doesn’t really have anything that exotic. This one might. There are probably half a dozen in very close proximity to the one you linked.

I’ve heard Bob’s is good, but it is pretty pricey. (any steak place in that part of town is going to be)

I have family in that area, and here is one place we’ve eaten at you guys might be interested in:

Texas Land and Cattle (right above 121 in Frisco, not far from hotel)- this place is so good, and not very expensive either. Good place to go if you want that “Texas” experience.