Thurs March 15 Indian food & Karaoke?

So there has been talk off & on about getting some Indian food & doing some karaoke while we’re there for the meetup.

My thinking is since fri-sun is planned out with official events, we can do this for dinner & entertainment Thursday evening. Would anyone else be interested?


Dinner at 7 local time (That’s Central) (due to late afternoon incoming flights)

We have deicded on The Curry Pot located 4 miles from the hotel. Website

Karaoke after at Outer Marker

Indian sounds great; I’d get to try something new! :smiley: Might I also suggest sushi as an alternative?

I’m in, I’ll be flying in on Thursday and it’s been a long time since I’ve had Indian food, and I can’t even remember the last time I did karaoke. I might have to pass on the singing though, how about I just hum in the background?

Plus, how about movie night on Thursday? Maybe something out of classic sci-fi or fantasy?


Plus I’ll get drunk and karaoke Aqua’s Barbie Girl for your amusement. Or maybe The Police’s Roxanne. I guarantee I will karaoke some Weird Al!

so wish i could make it to this, as i sing a mean Don’t Stop Believing… however, new job and won’t have extra days off, so can only get to the weekend stuff :frowning:

Barbie Girl? I’m not sure I want that evil little ear worm in my skull! =P But that would cdertainly be entertaining!

Nike I don’t see why not, but let’s play it by ear.

Why not? I sing both Barbie and Ken’s parts in different voices!


Now THAT alone is worth the trip from Australia! :wink:
You can count me in for Indian food and (as spectator only) karaoke.

Looking forward to meeting you all. xx

Are you making the long trip in for the meetup this year?
If you are that’s OSSIM!

Yes!! Not booked the hotel yet, but I have a week off work and I’ll prob be arriving on the Wednesday (fingers crossed, as I’m flying standby)
Do you know if anyone else is arriving that early? I don’t want to be moping around like a nellie-no-friends :o


I’m still checking flights so I don’t know if I’ll be in late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. There were a couple that came in Wednesday last year but the bulk of us arrived Thursday morning and afternoon so you shan’t be alone for long. And if all else fails I’m sure Chuck and Audra could keep you entertained for one evening till the rest of us get there.

I’ll be there (in spirit) :slight_smile:

… But I just gotta ask: North or South Indian?

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Given the option? Southern. All about the Goan varieties, brother. LOVE Goa.

You’re speaking to my heart : my ancestors were Portuguese Goans before they set off to this part of the planet… ^_*

You should order some mutton masala (with black pepper seeds), some mulligatawny soup, murtabak (it comes with mutton, beef or chicken filling), and/or any sort of meat stew with curry

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Really depends on the restaurants in the area. I think I have it narrowed down to a couple. Still trying to pin down karaoke.

Won’t be there for the festivities on thursday night, but looking forward meeting everyone and hearing about it on friday! WooHoo!


See first post, new infos!

After looking at the reviews and the websites, I’d say the two closer ones are a good bet. Judging by google maps, not difficult at all to get to, and won’t require any tollway driving. Of those two, I dunno. Chaat has more reviews and the menu is bigger and more varied, but the good reviews for The Curry Pot mention authenticity A LOT and their menu seems to be both northern and southern Indian.

And regarding Karaoke, I know Audra looked in the past and said she couldn’t find any during the week that weren’t in scary places.