The sad souls who will not be at the meetup...

Can we call into the podcast line and say “Hi” if we are not going to be at the meetup this year?! Or maybe we can all post on this thread?

Despite spouse’s encouragement for me to go, our finances aren’t in a state to support fun time travel :frowning: so I will yet again be a meetup misser…

I also can’t go to the meet up. I will be tweeting a lot though it. The said something about skype to. We should all post on this thread. Hopefully next year will be better for me.

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FYI, if everything goes well, we’ll be streaming the podcast recording live to the web on March 18(Friday evening). More details will be available when we get closer to the day.

I also can’t go :frowning: but I’ll be tweeting and I can skype too if that happens. I’ll for sure be listening if possible.

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Korea until at least late June. So, yeah, again won’t be making it.

And we’ll open some after hours Skype lines with our laptops too. This years’ theme:

Leave no Alpaca behind!! :slight_smile:

All I need is the time so I can figure out 1) if I’ll be awake 2) At work 3) Around at all. I hope I will be :slight_smile:

I too will have to bow out as my wife insisted we take our vacation that weekend in correlation to our son’s Spring Break. She hasn’t had a chance to get out in way too long so I couldn’t be a douche and deny her this request. It sucks, but we all have to make sacrifices, right?

It is impossible for me also. Such a large ocean in the way, it’s a shame. I heard it mentioned on the cast that there is someone from Ireland going, I’d be interested in hearing about how it went arranging travel.

Well, my kid brother’s wedding is back on (again) for the following weekend, so Mrs. Amberite and I will have to take time off work to fly out of town for that.

Man, I was really psyched for the meetup this year, but I’ll definitely get on Skype!

The meetup coincides with an event that I have been a part of for 10 years and cannot miss, otherwise I would love to be there. I will try to follow along on the live broadcast though.

I will be joining folks on Skype, etc as well. Mom had a bit of a fall, so I’m sticking close to home and helping out in her recovery.

Those that are going again…have a blast! Those that are going for the first time…you WILL have a blast!

I’ll also be phoning it in, you know, with the newest GWCer arriving around the meetup.

oh no!! sorry about your mom! hope she gets better soon! you’re wonderful to give up the meetup to help take care of her, but… (i.e., you’ll be missed)

Aw man no Operator? Bummer…

I’ll be joining in on Skype. Wish I was going this year but no monies [/sad panda]. But I need pictures from everyone going, LOTS of pictures! And videos! AND DANCING!..yes dancing…okay maybe not dancing. Love all you guys, massive internet hugs from me.

Have a blast and see ya’ll next year!

I regretably will be unable to attend the meetup again this year. Major life events always seem to happen for me in March. Good news is, our new little one is doing well after spending 5 weeks in the hospital. Hope everyone has a wonderful time and I look forward to meeting up next year!


Awwww…sorry that you won’t be able to attend. Your Mom has a terrific son! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see pictures after the arrival of the wee one!

I’ll be uploading them as often as I can! Watch the Flickr pool…

I’ll be joining in on Skype. Wish I was going this year but no monies [/sad panda].

What?! Are you trying to hurt me? How can you do this to me?

Okay, okay. I’ll try not to be too upset. That was just my initial reaction, I should just say that I’m sad you’re not coming and I’ll try and take lots of pictures.