Terminator Forum

Consider this area an experiment. Given the number of threads started in “Other Science Fiction” focused on Terminator canon it seemed appropriate to create a new forum focused on the Terminator verse. This area is an experiment in that once the rewatch ends, if activity in this area dies down we will move all threads into “Other Science Fiction” and close down shop. This gives us flexibility and allows the forum to remain organic and responsive.

As Badger says, “As always, the situation remains…fluid”


TSCC I hear has been moved to the Fri night Death spot, Thats ashame its a rather good show!!

It has really ramped up this past season.

Also, welcome aboard and I LOVE your avatar.

Penis-shaped avatars are always welcome. Now let’s go look for that lurker with the uterus-shaped-spaceship avatar!

Most appropriate, and remember that Terminator: Salvation is due next spring, so it would probably serve to keep it going.

Re: TSCC: Ugh! Nice avatar, KobolDave. Space 1999 was my first lunchbox. Welcome to the fleet.

Did anyone see the conceptual art from Terminator Salvation? Terminator motorcycles. Terminator seasnakes. 60-foot megaterminators. T-600 zombie terminators, all fleshy and sh*t. Ain’t It Cool keeps posting it up and putting it down (following notices from the studio).

If the ultra-zany twist they’ve reported is true, I’m just not gonna see it. Ever.

Yup, it’s in a bunch of places.

The designs are OK. The trick is how they’ll be used. I was intrigued by the Terminator Motorcycles, because that’d be hard to distinguish until they’re on you.

What’s the Fri night death spot? I just hope it doesn’t get cancelled

In American TV, if your show is moved to Friday evening you’re on your way out. (I hope all the grammarcops appreciate my use of your and you’re correctly).

Has it moved around much?

Nah. It’s just that if they move TSCC to Friday you can consider it on its way out.

Did anyone watch this weeks show? it looked more like the end of the season or series to me. it’s crazy bringing back stuff from T2. I think I know more about the T-1000 in the future, maybe that was a terminator that changed it’s mind and in stead of helping John then, she went back in time, and thats Shirly Mansons character? just a Thought.

I hope you’re wrong about this…but I also haven’t seen news about it being picked up for another season yet, so I’m starting to worry. It would be a shame for it to get canceled. It’s a good show, IMO.

Poor Dean Winters (the paramedic boyfriend)! The guy always gets killed in every show. Except Oz. And this TV season, it happened twice on the waterfront.

Another promising show has gone down…


I hate when they end a show like they just ended terminator. if they end a show, I wish they’d end it like they did BSG.


I just finished watching the season finale. I’m very sad that this series apparently/allegedly won’t be back. I know FOX hasn’t yet made an official announcement, so I have to admit that my Pollyanna optimist side is in conflict with my Strindberg doom-n-gloom side, but I think I’m leaning toward disappointment. Also annoyance, because they should not end on such a cliffhanger. Maybe another network will pick it up in the future…or something…


OK, posting this purposely not looking at posts before as I haven’t seen the finale yet. Axing the show blows HEFTY goat chunks. T:SCC and BSG were my two favourite shows. Maybe I should start watching shows that don’t have acronyms?

I think our problem is we like shows that make you think and invite discussion. back to the lawyer and cop shows.

Just stop watching the smart ones.

Total Recall 2070
Keen Eddie
Alias (first season only)

You get the idea.