Tattoos Anyone

Anyone have any interesting tattoos?

Interesting? No.

been thinking of getting one, but it all seems a little scetchy and the places i’ve seen in my town; dont really make me feel more comfortable about the safety and professionalism of the industry i mean if you are going to be sticking needles in me sketchy is not the impression i should get from your shop; i want this place to be like a doctors office.

still the design and placement is all in my head. i just need to find the right artist and shop

I have one I tried doing myself.

Can’t say I recommend it to anyone. I’ll be covering it up with the Alliance Starbird eventually. For the moment, I’m cheap and lazy, and don’t trust the places nearby.

Hey as someone with alot of tattoos you are absolutley right if you have a bad feeling about a place get out. Also check thier bathroom if they dont bother to clean that they most likey dont clean anything else.

Welcome Velma. Is that your tattoo as your avatar? If so, can you post a bigger picture? I can’t really make it out. At first glance, it looks like Sauron.

I will say that most of the parlors in MD/VA that I’ve seen have been obsessively clean, despite the bohemian furnishings.

I’d like my doctor’s office to look more like a tattoo parlor to be honest.

Yeah those are my tattoos its Batman and Wonder Woman. I will try to post a bigger picture. I hope this works

I have a couple of tattoos… I have the eye of Horus/Ra on my shoulder blades and a Tolkien-inspired White Tree on my left wrist. I spent years deliberating about both but I’m so happy with both of them. I agree with what’s been said about about choosing a studio, if you don’t feel completely comfortable with the place then walk out and it’s always best to book a consultation with the artist beforehand so you can get the measure of them.

I’ve always wanted to get some kind of Star Wars tatoo on my bicep or something


  1. not really sure I trust the shops around here to pull it off

  2. the place where I donate blood would probably have me killed (AB Negative blood and they don’t like to take donations if you just got a tatoo)

or maybe I’m just a wuss, idk

  1. Ask around. You’ll probably find that most of the shops are more hygenic than you’d think.

  2. That’s a limited time thing, and AB isn’t in huge demand anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

tell that to the blood center, if I don’t have 3 appointments scheduled in advance they will literally call me 6 times a day until I make another one

meanwhile my dad has the most common blood type (I forget it off hand) and never makes an appointment and never gets called

I wasn’t really talking hygenic for the places, I meant more of a do I really trust them to pull off some cool star wars thing on my arm, are they use to doing stuff where you hand them a picture and they duplicate it?

O. Universal donor. A/B is the universal recipient.

(Barring the Rh factor, of course.)

I’ve always wanted the cross section of my favorite lens or the Leica logo on my upper left arm.

I’ve got a Nightwing logo Tattooed on my back on my 18th birthday.

I was thinking of getting a Star on the arm but I’m reconsidering, the ‘‘GWC Saturn’’ logo might get the upper hand :wink:

Tattoo, you say?

Placed right above my left man boob. The lines would have to be really thick and dark since I’m a furry bunny.

It will probably never happen unless I find myself totally wasted at San Diego Comic-Con. Come to think of it, that is not beyond the realm of possibility.

see you at comic-con… laughs evily…

I might be going next year so… challenge accepted.


It depends on the artist its really about researching a place working with them on exactly what you want. I have Wonder Woman and Batman on my back I brought in two graphic novels that showed the positions and costumes I wanted and they look great. You also need a little trust in your artist maybe they can think of something you didnt even know you wanted or would have thought of. Hope this helps good luck

the WW looks similar to a poster print i have of her. Are you going to keep it just outlined or fill it in (and color or no?)

and i don’t quite remember Velma looking quite as sexy as she is on your leg… lol… that’s awesome!