Talented writer(s) and animator(s) needed.

I’m pretty sure they (the colonials) use rail guns… like what the US Navy is experimenting with right now… :cool:

Yeah, I would dial that cyclic rate down. And remember that those craft need to carry their munitions with them, so there is a finite number of shots available. Something also to consider with your design.

Energy weapons need a power source, and a place to house it. Kinetic weapons need a place for their ammunition.

i went with a fire rate of 20 rounds a second. the tracers are every 4 to 5th round. i could half them if the fire rate is divided by the two guns then.

That sounds about right for a rail gun. Remember, there’s no air in space. :wink:

first attempt at creating a helmet. wanted to have a helmet for students to make them use their eyes. i may cut down the glass area. I used a makehuman model as my default female student pilot. what do you think?

Actual helmets are highly reflective (in the faceplate, at least.) However, if you want your actors to ‘act’ you’re going to have to allow at least their eyes, and probably more, to show.

The eyes will be doing the acting, maybe some movement at the mouth/nose but then less to have to sync.

That is pretty frakkin bad-ass.

I can not seem to get the glossiness to work, or should i go with black glass?

I like the black.

heheh…this reminds me of Power Rangers where they had to use the helmet to do all the acting - the faceplate was all blacked out.

quite funny, forgot that. Since this project might be more cartoonish, should we go the blacked out route?

yea, go for it! :cool:

I am adding details to the BSH and need some opinions. I am going to place 4 batteries at the midship and 2 towards the stern. What do you think of the batteries, I know that they are not like Galactica’s but I think they would work as trainer guns? I will detail them out if I don’t get too many negative responses.

They look cool… but you need to consider the arc of (cover) fire that the guns can provide for the ship. Preferably, there are enough guns to insure coverfire (remember the wall of flack in BSG?) all over the ship.

An artillery crew (for training purposes, everything should be totally manual) would require a commander, some spotters (with Dradis access), some knuckledraggers to manually load the rounds… that kind of stuff… I noticed the spotter window is some distance away from the gun…maybe the spotters and commander can communicate to a bunch of batteries; not just one gun?

I like it, the radar dome on the front reminds me a bit of the tried and true Phalanx system. Giving each defensive gun mount its own tracking system makes sense, and though the Phalanx has a single gataling gun which sprays a wall of lead. Having two guns with a slower rate of fire would work well too, plus you have the added benefit of redundancy. If one gun malfunctions/jams or is damaged by returning fire, you will still have a second gun to defend with.

You could even punch it up a bit by making one of the guns a lower caliber weapon with a high rate of fire for taking out incoming missles. And the other a heavier weapon with greater range for taking out smaller incoming craft. Making each turret dual purpose! Just a thought…

I approve, and the helmets look nice too by the way. Blacked out visors will work fine, less for you to animate. And head tilts, hand gestures, rising and lowering of the shoulders and other mannerisms can work just as well for acting purposes. No worries there…:cool:

Y’know what? Make the gunner’s station as mobile as the guns. (Think of it as a third gun.) Tracking a target up and over would be a seriously sweet move.

These main batteries would be for taking on a basestar, not point defense guns. I still have to figure something out for them. But the point defense fire was computer controlled because of the high rate of fire. So I think the loads could be computer controlled, just not networked.

I like the detail on the gunner’s position.

This is the pilot model that i plan to use in all the attack ships. Any thoughts?