Talented writer(s) and animator(s) needed.

With all the great story writing coming out of FSL 2.0: Black Ops, I need some help to create a story for my animation. I am using Blender 2.53 to create my models. I am still in the design phase and need some inspiration to continue. At the moment I have two spacefighters designs and a carrier design. They need work, but I am having a hard time figuring out where I want to go with them. If anyone has a story in mind that they would like to see in an animation, leave me a post and maybe an awesome project could be born.

Since it’s ships, are you looking for something like ‘Jay Jay the Jet Plane’ or ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’?

now that is quite funny. Now just because my son likes Thomas, I was not aiming for that. I am looking towards a more adult adventure. Along the rogue pilot thread but something not seen before. My original concept was to have the GWC Crew as my main characters and they fight off an oppressive race. But I am drawing a blank on where to take the story. So that is why I am looking to see if someone has an ever better idea in mind. The humor and heart that was found in FSL 2.0 seemed too great a resource to not to tap into.

Maybe the GWC crue get recruited ala ‘The Last Starfighter’ or ‘Galaxy Quest’…

What’s the approximate time commitment?

I’d love (love!) to participate, but I couldn’t put in too much time. I’d be happy to work in collaboration, though. And I’d love to do some brainstorming with you.

That ship looks pretty big for a rogue pilot story. I have been investing a lot in space opera lately. What’s your take on that subgenre?

the story could also be a rogue team against an aggressor. problem is that i have not done character animation, so that is my weakest spot for this.

the fighter/bomber ship in sized to easily fit inside of the carrier’s launch bay. Two could fit on top of one another. the scouts are about 1/2 the fighter/bomber size.

As for time, its an open-ended project. no real deadlines. just kind of a dream to create. but with the job loss and having to take care of the kids now, not much time to do any modeling when i should be getting sleep.

Updated Carrier/HS. 1000m long

That thing got shields on the aircraft bay doors? Cause if not that’s an extremely vulnerable area.

I will address the blast doors at a later time.

one rogue team idea that I would love to see explored is something similar to the World War Z chapters about the young Chinese nuclear sub commander, who honestly felt he had committed treason but still felt it was the right thing to do for the human race.

I know it needs alot more detail, but I was thinking this could be the Mark V for training. Need some ideas and thoughts please.

If it’s specifically a training vessel, why not make it a two-seater?

good idea, forgot about that, thanks. I will have to create a second version.

I added weapons, just wonder if i should go with the TOS lasers or mass driven projectiles for this project.

I’d go with the KEWs, since that’s what people are more familiar with at this point.

Hopefully this gives a better sense of scale to the ships.

As to Pike’s suggestion, what is the rate of fire and how many shots between tracers with the KEW?

That’s a good question. BSWiki doesn’t appear to have an answer. You could probably examine a dogfight scene to get an approximation.

Tracer rounds are traditionally every fourth or fifth shot.

Looks like a cross between a Viper Mark 2 and the Delta Flyer.

I have created a particle system for the guns. needs some help and suggestions. now these would be the tracer rounds since you would not see the other rounds.


That’s quite a rate of fire.