Stargate Universe


Is anyone going to watch this when it airs? I have not decided yet cause there is not much info about it, I may watch the premeire and then decide on it.

Probably, at that time it might be the only thing worth watching on Sci-Fi as I don’t really have much hope at this time for Caprica and I’m not into rasslin.

I will. I have no real reason not to and I’ve enjoyed the other two Stargate series. Although there has been a fair share of poor epsisodes in both of them.

I always say the Stargate series’ as a less namby pamby Star Trek. Good eps mixed in with bad eps, but still watchable.

I wasn’t so sure, despite the fact that I enjoyed the first two series in the franchise. But the more I read about this one, the more respect I have for the show creators. They really seem to be trying to make a deeper, realistic, more character-driven show—Stargate’s good action and character fun, but this one looks like it has a lot more going at it. Now, we’ll have to wait to see if it’s really different…but hey, they don’t have an American military guy as lead, so that’s a great start. And if it’s just more Stargate? I’ll probably enjoy it as popcorn fun.

I’m definitely going to watch at first and see how it turns out. A while ago we were makeing jokes about Stargate: Voyager, but I’m hopeful this series should be at least OK.

I’m sure it will be the shining star in Sci-Fi’s constellation of uh…er…other shows.

When you put it that way, I’m sure that it will be one of the top shows that Sci. Fi. will/has created. (Compared to what they normally put out.) :smiley:

As soon as they took on my favorite author, John Scalzi, as a story consultant I was sold on it.

All Stargate is good. Stargate has one of the best crews in the buisness. Everything they make is of high quality and is extremely watchable.

I’m curious and will watch beyond the premiere as pilots are often dicey at best.

OK, this is a very good sign. I’m feeling better now.

sounds like a good start to a fun series. I will tune in mostly because there just isn’t that much good scifi out there so I have to give it a chance. I just loaned out Space above and Beyond I know about low budget shows, so that doesn’t bug me. I’m currently watching sliders, as Chuck alwyas says ALT History books and shows are always fun.

same here–if the premiere is good - I’ll give it a chance

The more I hear about it, the more I am interested simply because they are going for a more serialized, dramatic tone (they’re simply trying to cash in on the BSG, Heroes, Lost style) but I’m ok with that. I’m also such a big fan of the franchise that the worst episodes of Stargate are still better than the best episodes of some crap on TV.

I think things came to a low point when Apophis and o’Neil were exchanging the finer points of grammar (“to whom” vis-a-vis “who”)… But I always enjoyed RDA’s sense of humour and how they poked fun at the Goa’uld’s. :smiley:

The turning point was when the Guld’s weren’t that scary anymore that they had to invent new enemies and more story arcs to justify them… :wink:

I wonder if it’s a “cashing in”, or just that they’re glad that that style is finally in vogue so they can pitch it to a network. From reading/listening to interviews over the years, it seems like all creators would like to have deeper shows, but don’t feel that they’ll sell, so they dumb them down for the advertisers who think the audience won’t understand. As they had Mitchell say on SG-1 to an in-universe film producer: “Never underestimate your audience. They’re generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment.”

True, thats why I feel the only thing that could save stargate now is Edward James Olmos or Liam Neison.

I’ll watch it. If I could sit through lackluster Atlantis I can sit through any new series.

I loved Atlantis. I wish it could have kept going. Its strange considering they won the peoples choice award and were nominated for an Emmy. I don’t get why it got canceled.

I think I’ll watch the premiere of Universe, I still haven’t decided.