Stargate Universe Trailer

Seems SyFy actually remembers they have a show called Stargate Universe and have made a trailer for the latter part of the season.

Here 'tis:

These .5 seasons have got to stop. I understand that there are accounting reasons that are for whatever purpose justifiable but you do end up alienating the audience eventually.

Just because we held on with BSG through such crap does not mean this can continue…

a Daniel Jackson–and Richard Dean Anderson -tat in there!

from the trailer it looks to have more action, which this show desperately needs… they lost a lot of their audience after the first 5 shows had zero… lol…

and i agree 100% about these 10 episode 1/2 seasons… then releasing them on dvd at $30 for 10eps… i should be getting all 20eps for $40… not happy about the way NBC/Universal/Syfy does stuff… quite frankly i think their entire exec staff needs replacing

Unless the trailers contain every last piece of action that’s coming, squeezed out of the dry turnip into that short little clip. :slight_smile:

well that’s VERY possible, cause they did do that on the trailers with the first half of the season… lol

Especially when the first half of your shows season 1 had only 2 engaging episodes. But hey! at least we get some Dan Jackson in this second half. Plus maybe we will get lucky and the senators daughter will drown in that tank of water.:stuck_out_tongue:

I thought she was one of the more redeeming points for SGU, though. The other ladies are so stereotypical that they seem like John Cavil’s botched creations in the Cylon labs.

Im curious to hear what it was exactly that was redeeming about her? Is it just the fact that she isnt so stereotypical or is there something more that draws you to the character? Honestly Ive only seen each episode once and it was a while ago, but I always found her superfluous and a little bit annoying. Which is not to say I hold any of the characters in very high esteem, but she seems one of the more pointless ones.

The only character that has really held my attention is Lt. Vanessa “Da-yay-um” James, for obvious reasons.

cough cough I think this is an appropriate time for a classic line from the hero of Canton…

Wow, she is certainly…umm…healthy!

Her nose is cold and wet?

I’d like to check…

funny :):slight_smile: hope they find that eli gets some new theads

Frakkintalos wins!

Lt. James is the buxom member of the infantry.
Lt. Johansen is the beautiful blonde medic.
Camile Wray (the lady from the IOA) is the government bureaucrat meddling in things.

Chloe is not military, is not a scientist, does not have the looks of either of the Lieutenants, and is not the sort of character you normally see in any of the Stargate outings. If this were Doctor Who, she’d be an Audience POV character. I’ll just say she’s a nice change of pace.

Thank you Talos, I now see my two biggest reasons to watch this show. Once again Thank you soo very much.:smiley:

is in a bacta tank.

Does anyone think Shanks will stay on the show?

If he does I will actually look forward to watching it.

ok - you have my attention


ummm…actually YOU have my attention :smiley: