Star Trek: Voyager 3x10 Warlord


Star Trek: Voyager
Tuesday, 11 June 2013
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific

“I’m really not a monster.”


And here we get to the end of Kes and Neelix as an item. YAY!


Ah! Neelix toes! :eek:


That is the gayest-looking drink I’ve ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh so they turned a Talaxian retreat to an alien-featuring version of a crappy (and exploitative) Caribbean beach resort?


the “Autarch” is an ominous title, eh?


B’Elanna’s bathing suit has sequins! Love it!


Note how her voice sounds like it’s in a slightly lower register than usual… ahem. Suspicions!


If I’m not mistaken, B’Elanna’s “addition” was the same actor as the the Risian masseur from last week. :slight_smile:


I guess our fearless crews need certain kinds of leisure :cool:

“The Kes you know is lost”
well yeah, duh. Experience changes people.


Hey! I was right! :slight_smile:


How could you forget that chiseled bod? (was that too '90s in vocabulary? ;))


Dude look so familiar. It’s been bugging me. And there doesn’t seem to be any inkling of an identity anywhere. :eyebrow:


well that was… bloody and gross


Forehead nostrils just seem like poor design, evolutionarily speaking.


Bisexual transgender love triangle? Voyager was more progressive than I ever realized.


Also remember Kes is a “kid” ahem


Kes just straight-up murdered someone. :eek:


And this is why she needs meditation therapy. And why she’s different.


I like this episode. A) the gender-bending B) Kes actually gets some good character development even if in a lot of ways it’s too late C) no more Kes and Neelix! Hurrah! D) The visuals of the “throne room” stay with me for whatever reason.