Space: Above & Beyond -ReWatch


In a continuing effort to keep the Forum alive,
here is another installment -
a re-watch of Space: Above & Beyond.

[b]2 Episodes every Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014 through Feb 10, 2015.

Space: Above & Beyond[/b]

1995 - 1 Season - 23 Episodes

Writers: Glen Morgan, James Wong (X-Files)

Military Space SciFi. (A little like the Honor Harrington series)
WARNING: Unresolved cliffhanger !

The Earth is embroiled in a desperate war against alien invaders, and this series focuses on one squadron of Marine pilots involved in it.
“We thought we were alone. We believed the universe was ours. Until one night in 2063, on a Earth colony 16 light-years away, they struck. Now we’re at war. We fight when called, in space, on land, and at sea. To lose this war means more than defeat; to surrender is to never go home. All of us must rise to the call… Above and Beyond.”


Lt. Nathan West Morgan Weisser
Lt. Shane Vansen - Kristen Cloke
Lt. Cooper Hawkes - Rodney Rowland
Lt. Paul Wang - Joel de la Fuente
Lt. Vanessa Damphousse - Lanei Chapman
Lt. Col. Tyrus Cassius McQueen - James Morrison
Kylen Celina


[b]SPACE: Above & Beyond -Pilot

Tue - November 25, 2014[/b]

9p EST / 6p PST
- Pilot - Part 1

10p EST / 7p PST Pilot - Part 2



Bump for tonight.


Beginning now.

Vesta Colony 2063.
Epsilon Eridani star system
A new human settlement.


Can’t rightly say why I like this series.
It’s military space SciFi. I guess I like the characters.

Something’s out and about outside.
That is not a meteor shower.


The Vesta Colony is being attacked.


New scene.
Practice countdown for the Tellus colony ship.


Nathan and Kylen happy to be going together to the Vesta Colony.


Meanwhile Hawkes is chased and almost lynched for being a “Tank”.


“Tanks” = “InVitros” are people who are fertilized eggs grown in “gestation” tanks.
Much hatred and distrust about them.


Meanwhile, Nathan is bumped off the colony ship, in favor of a “tank” demands.


The administrator tells Nathan, now all he can believe in is each other.


Meanwhile Shane Vanson breaks into the abandoned Military base that she and her parents and sisters lived on during the AI war. She relives seeing her parents’ death.


Nathan believes in equal rights for InVitros, but not at the sacrifice of his own rights.
Now Nathan is pissed.


Nathan tries to stowaway on the Tellus.
The respirator unit that he wears is a flash forward to future developments.
Nathan is found and hauled off the Tellus, but not before Kylen gives him her ID badge, as a talisman of rememberence.


New scene.
New recruits arriving at Marine Corps Space Cavalry training base.


We meet the scary drill Sgt, and
Shane Vanson, Nathan West, Paul Wang, Vanessa Damphousse, and Cooper Hawkes.


Drill Sgt:

“In space no one can hear you scream,
unless it is the Marine Corps battle cry!!”


A very angry, sullen Cooper Hawkes arrives in his orange jumpsuit.
He has been given the “choice” to join the Marines Space Corps.


The Tellus is attacked during it flight by unknown hostile forces.