Singer wants to do a big screen Galactica!?!


Ain’t it cool reports here:
Nooooooooo! Galactica re-reimagined? Too soon. Too soon.


Too soon. And I’d rather see Ronald D. Moore running that ship.


agreed entirely

if anything have Moore take it over and maybe do 2 and a half hour remake of the Mini Series with a much bigger budget

edit though even that wouldn’t be the best, there needs to be more time, I say wait 10 years then come back to it


I have a feeling this is the same project that Glenn A. Larson was trying to pen, as reported back in he spring.


Let the Wookie win:smiley:



way too soon. No one touches gGlactica type stuff except Moore for at elast another 10 years or so. Just sayin’


Wow, this is an amazingly bad idea… I can’t even think of anything else to say. Bad, bad, bad idea.



Starbuck disappears on Earth and finds herself resurrected in the body of a man (Dirk Benedict) aboard the ‘Jellyfish’ with all the “red matter” in the universe. He meets up with Apollo (Richard Hatch) and leads the crew to Earth…again.

I don’t know. It could work.


Battlestar Galactica only works as a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. The reason one revival worked was because the original never had the ending the story demands. Now that an ending exists in the minds of the audience, it’s hard to imagine a new take on it generating the same interest.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Star Trek has always been about the ‘Continuing Mission’ (well OK 5 year mission in the original, but that was an eternity back then), so it is a universe that will possibly go through and thrive with multiple generations of ‘revitalization’…


I reinterate…no…no…nonononononononononononononono

I knwo I should have an open mind…but this is just all kinds of not cool


Let the casting rumors begin:

Patrick Stewart…Adama
Gabriel Byrne…Col. Tigh
Apollo…Brandon Routh
Starbuck…Hugh Jackman
Boomer…Kevin Pollack
Baltar…Kevin Spacy
Athena…Anna Paquin
Head of Qof12…Ian McKellan
Sheeba…Halle Berry

Any other suggestions?


I dont think these poeple get it. BSG, for mo at least, reinvented sci-fi. It was the Day the Earth Stood Still of the modern era. It went so dark, and did it so well that it changed, to me, what Sci-fi can be. Stargate got more dark and serious as it went on but it wasnt even close to BSG. I kinda actually hopes this tanks, because the studio obviously doesnt give a shit about anything but money.


Lucy Liu as Athena:p


Yep, I knew it. Glen Larson is trying to cash in on what Moore did with his crappy little show.

Pajiba put it best, “Bryan, don’t be that guy.”

Head of Qof12…Ian McKellan

I’d rather see Ian McShane. We need more cocksuckers in the quorum of 12.


I heard Dirk Benidict was going to be Starbuck. Starbuck as a guy? i don’t see it. that just bothers me.


Wow. I don’t like this on so many levels it’s tough to know where to begin. The time for this should’ve been during one of Sciy Fiy’s maddening hiatuses, and RDM should have been approached to helm it then, with our cast, and our storyline. At this point I would have ZERO interest in seeing another cast, and ZERO interest in another storyline. It’s just waaay too soon for this.


swear–everytime I saw Kings…I expected him to say “cocksucker” every ten seconds… :smiley:


Bad idea. really bad. monumentally bad. I am incredulous at the epic stupidity.


So did I!! I was just waiting for The Gimp to come hobbling around the corner…

What is Singer trying to prove by doing this now? I’m with you Boxy. Let him tank. :frowning:


Now wouldn’t THAT be ironic? We could take to calling THIS incarnation GINO. Or AGINO (ALSO Galactica in Name Only). Or something far funnier and creative than I’m capable of coming up with on four hours of sleep.