SG:U season 1.2

Well, that certainly was a convenient way to get You Know Who back…


God doesn’t like to be called God. Cavil doesn’t like to be called John. Rush doesn’t like to be called sorrybarb

It was convenient, but cool. The faced what seemed to be the evil Asgard. I hope to see more of these aliens.

I like the dissension in this show.

I was hoping we’d encounter Pirate Captain Rush in a future episode, flying his restored alien ship with a three eyed space parrot on his shoulder.

Ha! Me, too! Even when I saw the alien ship, I was expecting to see Rush with one foot on the bow and a hand shading his eyes as he scowled on them with his usual grim countenance. Or something like that.

I hope to see more of these aliens. I was kinda hoping SG:U would be more like Voyager-done-right, but it seems to be more like 24 or West Wing without the dialog. Not bad at all, mind you, but not really what I was looking forward to when I heard about the show.

At least the aliens are better than the Kazons. shudder


Spoiler i guess even though its out already but just in case

[spoiler]Well here it goes, there were some really good little touches. i loved the whole sock thing, the crew turning on each other great. Rush’s reaction to keeping quiet.

and just whoever directed this ep (Space) was spectacular. i mean it really felt like an action packed sci/fi movie …

okay but here’s the thing, this is exactly the opposite of why I dig this show so much. i get it general SG fan’s wanted more fun, sci/fi action. so they went to the old formula. which makes sense cause most of the fans agree there are just a few of us curmudgeons on the other side.

(as stated before)that and the fact that this ships shield is strong enough to fly through the sun and some how alien vessels can chew through the shield.

still i had a good time, Young became a total badass. and they punched an alien. and i’m cheep date that way. I mean all you have to do is cold cock a creepy looking alien, and i’m on board. [/spoiler]

so I liked it, but I didn’t, i’m just not sure, besides the alien punching that was just right.

The question becomes what do these self important AR$^&*S think is good to attempt a coup with trained military on the other side. I can see a few if not many of these self important people not making it to next week.

Of all the characters on this show the one i dislike the most is Ming Na’s. A self important bureaucrat. Who can’t figure out that she doesn’t have any real power. At best her character is a paper pushing office worker with a title. Lord do I know that type. The question comes when does the light bulb go off in her head that it would be a good thing to work with Young instead of trying to replace him with yourself. If there is any hope of redeeming this character it has to come soon.

Oh and BTW Rush is a sorrybarb but a very entertaining one at that. Think of Dr Smith minus the humor ala the first season of LIS. Yeah he’s darn smart to smart for that matter. But he’s not a team player. So long as the team is him alone. And he will pull anything to do that.

Gotta see how this all works out.:smiley:

where’s Gaeta and Zarek when you need them… telling you they were captured by the blue man group aliens, and revived. and oh boy is young and co. in trouble :eek:

I so agree. As much as Gaeta and Zarek were traitors. At least they knew how to run things and get it done. Granted they were going up Probably against the Grandson of the Tauron Mob along with one of the Creators of the new Cylon Race. So you know they didn’t stand a chance.

I didn’t think about it but you are right they did get kidnapped by the Blue man group.

Wonder when Rush is going to flip and release the military. You know he will just to save his hide.

Well he didn’t have to they did it themselves. Now granted they do have to work together. They do need each other. Though as the sgt said this isn’t over yet by a long shot. I agree with someone else in another thread Ming Na’s character needs to be airlocked ASAP.

i know right? when she came along while Johansen and the marine were in the stand off i was yelling shoot her!, and pistol whip her after all your bullets find a good home. but the marine just gave up his gun… :frowning:

its a weird reaction cause i kind of like her, i thought the episode where they explored her life on earth, was great. the actress is one of the strongest on the show. but its just that there’s a bureaucratic edge to her. That leads to me wanting her shot in the face… but i’d miss her if they did…

did love that young subdued the revolt in like ten minutes… you lock the doors oops, its big damn ship with a few holes. oops rush ain’t so smart. with rifle butt in his face.

So true. Sad part is if they did work together they might get the whole ship up and running much better. How much you want to bet that the Ancients did get to the ship and left it running since they didn’t need it anymore. Rush still knows more then he’s letting on. Ming Na’s character needs a major attitude adjustment and PLEASE PLEASE NO MORE LDP.

OMG, they landed on Kobol!

Looks like they filmed in the same valley.

Yeah I know! Stargate SG-1 also filmed there and pretty sure that new Syfy TV movie “Riverworld” also filmed around there.
But then isn’t everything Syfy puts on the air filmed in BC?

Yeah. In our house we call it ‘planet Stargate.’ (As opposed to ‘planet Star Trek’ which is just outside of LA.)

i haven’t been back since 1.0… is it worth coming back to?.. i mean… is it still dark and depressing and going no where?

I think it’s going somewhere. Just dunno where…

Battlestar Vancouveria

Britishstar Columbia