Inspired by podcast 190 I downloaded SETI@Home and feel connected to the larger community. I noticed that one can join a team and after looking around realized perhaps instead of joining a team I should make a team.

Thus, the SETI@Home Galactic Watercooler team was born.

Whether you are a long time user of SETI@Home or have just downloaded it feel free to join up. Let’s show our support for SETI and thank Mr. Korpela for taking the time to talk with us.

Don’t know where to get started? Go here to get the SETI program.


Just signed up. I used to run this on my PC while in college. Don’t know why I ever stopped. Glad to be doing my part again.


Glad to have you on board 'talos…who else is going to join our merry band?


I’m in. This rocks.


the SETI@home homepage mentions GWC and the Cosmos arc!!


Very cool! Congrats!


Me to. I am not sure which computer switch was followed by not re-installing SETI. but I am back now. Thanks for the reminder.


Welcome to the team! Galactic Watercooler will soon take over the world!


Hrm. Got the DL, but the package is different than the last time I ran it. Might take me a day or two.


Yay, I’m on the GWC team! Not quite sure what all this means, but yay!

So being terribly ignorant about computer function, how should I set multiprocessor/disk/memory usage?


I be SETI-fied now. :smiley:


I just installed the package and signed up for the GWC team.

I’m running the GPU version, so I’ll be interested to see how quickly I can start racking up the work credits!


Great idea Solai. I’m in. Well, sort of.
Just downloaded boinc, but now what. I’ve got a Mac.
I guess I’ll call their Help Desk.


I have downloaded it & it’s running. I had uninstalled it years ago because it used so many resources. I never realized I could change those settings! So cool to be back.

How do I join the GWC team?

This is most excellent news & should be added to our quest for a wikipedia page! WOO!


I don’t have the client running at work, so can’t tell you step-by-step. If someone can correct what I say if I get it wrong, please do.

What I recall is that when you go to your profile on the upper right hand corner there is a “Join Team” or “Search for Team.” Search for the string “Galactic Watercooler” and join right up. I left it open admission so you will be part of our ranks!

We are currently ranked as 78,000ish. I want to crack 10,000 by the end of the year. There is a lot of dead weight out there and I think we can blow right by them. The best part about success here is that it will help a good cause and draw attention to Galactic Watercooler. Win-win baby!

I am running on a Mac as well. Did you successfully install after download? You should see a new icon in the top menu that is blue and yellow. Let me know where you are getting in the process.


I just joined SETI@home yesterday, and geez, I must be a lucky bastard cuz this morning I got a message from an advanced alien species. I’ve been on the sat-link phone for the last 1/2 hour trying to explain about the whole Balloon-boy thing, but they’re a little discouraged by the whole thing. They’re telling me now that they’re gonna move on and postpone First Contact until we get our craap together. Oh well.

(Okay, I haven’t really joined SETI@home, but it sounds cool and I plan too.)


I just joined, as a member of the GWC Team.

Bring on the E.T.s !!!

Really though, how incredible would it be if someday we contacted another race from the stars, and SETI traced the computational data back to a GWCer? That’s worth signing up for right there !! :smiley:


What profile?


[li]Open Boinc Manager
[/li][li]If you are in the simple view (small window without much info) at the lower bottom hand corner click advanced view
[/li][li]In the advanced view there are five buttons on the top. Projects, Tasks, Transfers, Messages, Statistics and Disk. Click on Projects
[/li][li]Click on the project listed. The buttons on the left hand side will become active. Click, “Your account”
[/li][li]On the right hand of the screen it will say teams. Search for team Galactic Watercooler.



If you’re on a Mac, you’ll probably want to open System Preferences (Apple menu) and set BOINC to be your screen saver.