Reporting Spam/Inappropriate Content


First of all, I just want to let everyone know how much we appreciate the fact that you’re all such wonderful, intelligent, and civil people. You’re our friends, and we’re glad you’re here.

We’ve had not a single issue with a real user – i.e. a person who participates in the forum – causing any trouble whatsoever.

Unfortunately we’ve recently seen a few people join with no intention to participate – they simply wish to sign up, post some worthless ads – or worse yet porn – and depart to do the same to someone else’s forum. These people are not our friends. We don’t know who they are, and they don’t want to know who we are.

Should we run into trouble with a real participant, we’ll work it out. We promise. But regarding spam-only users, here’s our policy:

Their threads are deleted and they’re permanently banned.

If you come across a thread created by one of these people, please report it using the forum’s “report this thread” controls. That’s better than a PM because all of us able to take action on it can see it, and the chances are better that one of us will see it quickly and act on it so the fewest possible forum denizens need look at it.

Thanks again for all your help – and most of all for your participation.

Where is the report thread button? I found the ‘Report Post’ Button but where is the thread one?

Also, Chuck you might want to put your post in the FYI just so it can stay somewhere at least slightly visible at all times.

Same button, just on the first post.

Thanks for the post Chuck !
I guess this means I won’t be getting the trip to Sandals, the iPod, the XBox 360 Elite, the guided tour of Bungie Studios, the 80 ft catamaran, or the 2008 Corvette that the referenced poster promised me.:mad:

Good thing I gave them Solai’s info and not mine !!:smiley:

Just kidding, S !

Um, is this type of thread something we want on Watercooler?

“We Sell Apple Iphone 16gb At 350usd,nokia N95 8gb A 350usd,pioneer Cdj1000mk3 At $600” in the “Meetups” forum.

And they’re in the “Battlestar Galactica” forum too.

It’s really annoying. I say just use the report post button on the spam thread and someone will take care of it.

This is only the second one of these annoying posts I’ve seen so far…I say we track the beast to it’s lair and have one of our computer savvy supernerds spam his computer into dust!


Thanks spatterson for the heads up, and to Solai for whisking it away. It has been permanently airlocked!

I vote we call sic Larry onto 'em.

He’s between jobs right now…isn’t he?


You know, one in a thousand of these offers will turn out to be actually legit and you’ll be sorry when Solai cashes in on all the goodies :smiley:

I’d like to report everything Galaxy Ranger has ever posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I’m being dragged away from the forums and towards the airlock by men wearing blue gloves:

GR: “I, no, I didn’t do anything … IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”

Head-GR: “Oh for crying out loud, can’t you please shut up for once, you’re making everything worse!”

Ok - sheer stupidity here. Where are the “report this thread” controls. I’ve looked everywhere that makes sense to me and I can’t see 'em! :slight_smile:

The little red and white triangle with the vertical black line in it beneath everybody’s avatar.

Holy crud - it would have whacked me in the face if it had been any closer. Yep - sheer stupid. That’s today’s theme for me!

“Attention…will all OG’s please report to airlock one. All OG’s report to airlock one.”

GalaxyRanger: “I would airlock Roslin…IF YOU KNOW WHAT I…”


ok, but what if BSG set is being torn down and someone out there is offering to sell artifacts? Who wants a piece of goo from [COLOR=“darkgreen”][COLOR=“SeaGreen”]Grandpa Goo[/COLOR][/COLOR]? Eewww…:D:eek: