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I’m pretty new to the Forum but i haven’t seen any posts on Prop and Armor fabrication threads so i though i would create one.

I’m aiming to make my own Halo Armor some day but I’m starting off small with a Halo Assault Rifle and I’m wondering if any fellow GWCers have attempted anything similar and might be able to share tips and advice.

So far I’ve spent about 8-10 hours on the AR at the moment and it taking shape, I’m constructing the first layer from Card using Pepakura templates.

Here are some Pictures of my progress so far

DSC03979 by Perihelion501, on Flickr

DSC03981 by Perihelion501, on Flickr

DSC03983 by Perihelion501, on Flickr

DSC03987 by Perihelion501, on Flickr

I’m going to move this thread to the Hobbies area. Where all the creative alpacas hang out. :slight_smile: Under General Discussion / Geek Hobbies now.

DOH! thanks Gryper I knew it had to belong somewhere! :slight_smile:

No worries! We all post in the wrong area now and then…I did just a week or so ago. DOH!

Just takes knowing where to look, and Geek Hobies is the place.
There’s related stuff in the Papercraft thread (specifically here), the Medieval/Fantasy arms & armour thread, Sci fi guns thread, BSG Costume Call thread, Cosplay thread, and 3D Prosthetic Makeup thread.

Welcome to the hivemind!

Thanks, i think i was searching in some forum in a parallel universe to miss all that, may crom ignore you!

Fifth post and already has the hang of it. Nicely played. Welcome to GWC!

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Back on topic: this looks promising. How are you going to finish it when it’s assembled?

That’s my upcoming challenge. I’m going to need to find something to coat it with. Now most places recommend aqua resin which is a non toxic coating however not living on the correct continent its not easy to source from the UK i believe.

So i was wondering if anyone knows what i can use to replace aqua resin or where i can get hold of some. I’ve heard Jesmonite might be a suitable replacement.

Seeing this is the first sort of project using these kind of materials i don’t really know a whole bunch about different types of resins and fiber glassing etc so if anyone has any less specific advice in this area then this would be appreciated also.

I envisage that Google is going to be heavily queried in my near future!

My guess is people recommend a water based resin because they’re much easier to use, and for a detail heavy project, you can thin them out so they don’t smooth over the project as much. Amazon UK has a water based resin. I’m not sure if this is a comparable product to Aqua Resin, but I’d wager it is. Shop around for different products, focusing on water based resins, and you’ll find something equivalent.

Also, just speculating, but if resin coating is anything like painting. Thin your resin, and apply multiple, thinner layers. You’ll retain more detail this way.

Good old Amazon is there anything they don’t sell? If i find nothing else then I guess i can rely on them, Thanks for the Tip and quite by chance as it happens i’m currently reading The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

You are not the only person to feel this way about the forum’s search. It’s the only bad thing about this place!

Very impressive so far!

I came across a youtube channel that may be of interest to you some time back.

Do post further pics as you go along!

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Cool thanks also i find Backyard FX by indymogul also have some cool material

Here they demonstrate building a light sabre