Photography - Project 365

Are any of the photographers here thinking about doing a Project 365 this year? For those who don’t know, a Project 365 is a photography project where you commit to taking a photograph every day for the entire year. It doesn’t have to be anything major or artsy, just a picture that somehow relates to your life that day.

Typically these get put into a group in your Flickr stream with a tag of “project365”.

I tried last year but didn’t last too long. I’m hoping to stick with it this year since my cell phone now has a decent enough camera in it to make it useful. Anyone else ever try or think about trying?

I’ve thought about it but I’ve never actually committed to it… though I love seeing other people’s stuff.

It’s like NaNoWriMo, but doable. This sounds like a job for TwitPic!

That sounds pretty cool, I might give it a try.

OK, I’ve started my 365. Here’s my first photo (from very early this morning).

For those of you still wanting to know more about Project 365

Started mine:

Will hopefully make it a year, if not I could make it a month project.

Today’s picture:

Stay Puft hangs on for dear life.

Here’s mine for today. Our dog Roxie comes in from the rain and tries to look innocent regarding the muddy footprints on the floor.

Can you start a day or so late? I just started putting up old pictures on TwitPic. Does it matter where they are posted? I will think about it. My dogs could keep me busy on their own. They are pretty and get into their own trouble without help.

I don’t see why it has to be a calendar year.

Do they have to be posted somewhere? Do we want to post them here?

Rules seem loose. No reason we can’t post them here. It’d be interesting to see each day from various GWC photogs.

I will have to check out the camera and give it a shot.

OK. I’m going to try this out.

I set up a flickr account - I think thisis the link, and my username is casildaGWC.

What I think (hope) to do is that I’ll post here when I have a new photo up. With any luck, it will be every day. I may not make it. But here goes.

That’s the link for your photostream. The individual photo link looks like this:

Otherwise, that’s fine. Keep it up.

No, it doesn’t have to be a calendar year, just 365 consecutive days. Doing it by calendar year is just convenient.

It’s unofficially tied to flickr and the Project 365 group there but can be done with any photo host; there seems to be a somewhat active group on tumblr too. But even twitpic would probably work; just tag all the photos somehow.

And as Pike says, the rules are somewhat loose. This isn’t a competition after all; it’s just a fun thing to do with photography. And as my old photography instructor said, the best way to become a really good photographer is simply to take a lot of photos. This helps with that by somewhat forcing you to go out and take a lot of pictures; if anything that is the only real goal of it.

So don’t worry about where you are posting photos or missing a day here or there. Just go and take pictures.

As a side note for everyone on flickr, post your flickr ids here so we can friend each other there. Also, isn’t there a GWC flickr group? Should we add our pics to that group or should we leave that for meetup pics?

Here’s my flickr photostream.

I’d leave them out of the GWC pool, unless they’re of interest to everyone (e.g., you take a picture of George Lucas.) It’d be too easy for a few users to end up flooding it with blowing plastic bags and squared circles.

ETA: Of course, we could form another group (GWC 365?) to contain those.

Here is my first few. So please tell me if we are going to do something as a group. I have not used Flickr but I can learn if that is where you want to do it. I would love to see everyone’s pictures. These represent my work I did in the last few days. Yes that is some of the dog fur I have been removing from my fluffy pup.


and avoiding work

I think we should make a seperate group for our picture a day photos, seperate from the GWC group. Otherwise we will have way to many photos in the GWC group.

I vote (we’re voting? ok this is just my opinion) for a separate project group, for the reasons other have stated. As I’m new to Flickr, though, I don’t know anything about setting things up - but I’ll join once the group is set

Just tell me where and help me set it up and I am with you.