Painfully Unresolved Cliffhangers

So for you, what TV series ended so abruptly with an unresolved cliffhanger, that it still stings?

You know, those shows that still catch your imagination and still demand a resolution.

For me:

Stargate Universe

Was Eli able to fix the cryo-pod?
Did the crew make it to the next galaxy?
What about TJ? Did they find an Ancient cure for ALS?
Will Park’s vision be healed when the crew wakes in 3 yrs?

So what’s it for you?

ugh…too many…

the ABC reboot of V…right when they bring in Marc Singer…CANCELED
Sliders…what the hell happened to Remmie when he slid on his own?
Heroes as well…argh

Good…but frustrating thread…

V right, forgot about that one.

SGU definitely.
I would also put Stargate Atlantis in that group. We were promised a movie but then MGM’s finances imploded.
Alphas is another one with a tremendous cliffhanger that was unresolved.

Stargate Atlantis-
Now I would have put that in the resolved endings category - well somewhat.
I was ok with the scene of the full cast on the balcony, ready for the next phase of the adventure.
When you bring up the movie that didn’t happen, then that does change it a bit.

Yes, indeed. So many loose ends. And it was getting really good.

Well, there’s no guarantee that the super-hive was the only Wraith ship that got the transmission. The Expedition had just recently promised to take a more active role fighting the Wraith in the Pegasus galaxy, plus there were at least 3 Pegasus Galaxy natives on Atlantis with no way to get home.

There were some “Season 6” books, but I’d be willing to lose them in exchange for more live action adventures with that crew.

So now I’m curious. Did you read any of those?
Do they advance the story?
Or are they stand alone missions?

Another painful one for me is Flash Forward.
Only one season.

Ends with the hero,
-Mark Benford being exploded along with an entire floor of the bldg.
-Janis Hawk and baby kidnapped by the nefarious organization that’s involved with the FlashForward
-When is the next FlashForward?

Another one I just thought of…the original BSG…good God they just hit on some GOLD there and were only about 10-15 Light Years from Earth…and SERIES OVER

(no Galactica 1980 wasn’t a fix and it certainly resolved nothing…just added more pain…)

Another 1 season series

Space Above & Beyond
23 episodes
Marines in space. Pilots fighting a war against the Chigs.

What? The Chigs orginated on Earth?
The Chig ambassador: “We are you.”
He then blows himself up, taking a room full of earth representatives, including Col McQueen (one of our heroes).

Paul Wang goes down in a blaze of glory, providing fire cover for the rest.

Shane & an unconscious Vanessa in a dead shuttle fast approaching a moon.

The end: we see Coop & Nathan staggering back to their barracks, collasping on the bunks in shock, grief and hopelessness that all their friends are dead.

Or are they?? Well we’ll never know now.

Bloody downer ending !!


Seriously, you’re beginnin’ to damage my calm.

I have Space: Above and Beyond on DVD; never liked the [lack of] ending.

Have the original Galactica, too.

Have Firefly.

I smeesh you!!!

I aim to please :smiley:

And I have more on my list.



So we’re watching the end of Caprica last night and in the middle of the episode Jamie looks at me and goes “So what the hell happened to Tamara??” all I can do is start laughing out loud…she takes it to be “ok, something cool is gonna happen to her at the end…I’ll wait”…the episode ends…she looks at me again “so what the hell happened to Tamara??” now I look and I say “I was laughing because I’ve been asking the same question for two years now!”

So say we all !!

Two days later she still grumbles if I mention the series to her…the Caprica cancellation irks me more then about any show…it was just catching its damned stride and starting to cook in my eyes…

At least her reaction was worth it…and we’re gonna watch Blood and Chrome next week to cleanse her pallet from the sour taste…

I had to look it up, but one I wished would have been resolved was ABS’s Otherworld. (from the 1980’s)
For kids shows that I loved watching would be Blackstar, Dungeons and Dragons and Ark II. (Loved that jet pack).

On the plus side, I loved hearing that Netflix is supposed to be closing out the Clone Wars series. For various reasons I have not watched Clone Wars but I do want to, nice to know I can pick it up and eventually come to an ending. (For me, I have a problem with the drawing (rendering) style of Clone wars. Though the Green Lantern Animated Series, has slowly changed my mind, I think I am ready for Clone Wars now…

For me it’s gotta be Deadwood and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Two shows that begged for additional seasons, or at the very least tv movies to wrap up their great plotlines.

All of the above, and also Crusade. I don’t know if anyone else liked but I’d like to know how it turned out.

Yes, was very disappointed, especially that Babylon 5 had a proper arc. Though if you do tie Crusade into the Babylon 5 series SPOILERS I do believe that Excalibur’s mission ended in failure. Meaning that whatever (95%?) DID die, but they probably found a cure to late.

Also did everyone get back from Gilligans Planet???