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It isn’t much to look at, I hate working with a tablet… (grumble, grumble). But here is a pic of what the Kher’hon basically look like, minus armor or combat gear.

The Vore Clan’s fur runs from blue to green, the purer bloodlines having a stronger leaning toward straight blue, or straight green.

Hey Tibs, when you get a chance, check your PM, theres a joint post there waiting for you.

I know, I know. I meant to tell you to go ahead and post that if you want. I can pick up Dana’s POV at some later point.

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Yes they are.

The Story So Far…

The MCV Ralph Thorson

Evie is supervising the readying of the dropships-

Jiggy is working with Laverne and Shirley to get the fighter ready (in a pending post with Tibby) when it is flight ready Jiggy will pilot it-

The ship’s crew is scavaging parts from the CCBB and scrambling to try and get the ship combat ready before more enemy ships arrive-

The ground pounders just uncrated an old tank and tank-killer in the cargo bay, their firepower just increased-

The number of troops awaiting planetfall is 20-


The ‘Hooters’ have given the colonists from the CCBB sanctuary from the arriving Kher’hon troops, and the ‘Hooters’ have seeming vanished from sight-

Marshall Cheveyo is seeking the aid of the Boones and Hooters in fending off the invading Kher’hon troops-

Barney has just learned that Sheriff Bo Riggens was murdered-

Christie and Jayke have a pile of weapons from the police armory and a shiny new aircar, and are off to meet up with the gathering militia-

Deputy Roderick is still unconscious and now minus a firearm and clips-

Seven Kher’hon dropships have landed and are disgorging troops, and an unknown number of Kher’hon armored commandos have landed via assault pods-

The Kher’hon Officers do not have enough drugs to keep their cloned troops under proper control for very long-

The number of mercs parked behind Shamus’ pub by the shuttle is 12-

The ‘Boones’ entombed a commando-

In Orbit

Melanie is hiding her ship among the debris field-

The Spaceport is making its gunships available to the Ralph Thorson for planetary defense-

En route (friendlies)

A cutter from the Haradian-Vangelius security forces-

The corvette ‘Zephyr’ with a contingent of Special Forces mercenaries-

En route (enemies)

Unknown… (OK, unknown to you!)