Official 2010 Meetup Flickr Pool

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the official Flickr group for the 2010 GWC International meetup!

Feel free to join the group and start adding pictures! See you all in a couple days!

tHere can bE oNLY [SIZE=“6”]JUan~! …eh?[/SIZE]


Take lots of pics folks so I can experience the meetup vicariously! Im counting on you GWC!

First Pix added.

I’m really bad with CPU by the way,but I can’t find the Pix you’ve added.
Am I crazy :confused:… mmmm… maybe…

You have to join the group first and then you can see the pictures. :slight_smile:

I got a few pictures up…more later!

I posted those I have taken so far - enjoy

Cool…I got some more up last night and bkitty has some of hers out there.

Enjoy everyone!

Cool, we were up to like 120 or so. I didn’t worry about editing, so Squeaker has a bit of red-eye, but I figure I can take care of it when I get home and re-upload.

Did everybody get a chance to carry Squeaker?

Topgun? Is that you at the bottom corner?

I mostly resized and lightened mine. Red-eyes are still there.

Not all us held Squeaker, several did though. Yeah that is TG.

I know a fair amount of the girls did at least. She is adorable. She let us pass her around and was more interested in the lights then who had her.

She clearly recognizes Daddy as she was listening to him intently during the early part of the podcast

ooo…how’s everybody now? the meetup is still on? are they hungover from lack of sleep? heheheh… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got sleep…well some. Some of the group are downtown at the Dallas Museum of Art. Haven’t seen anyone other than those that were up early for that. I came back to my room to work on pictures…and get my forum fix before heading to the Irish Rover for the afternoon. :slight_smile:

just so you know… St Patrick’s day was on wednesday… St Joseph’s day was on friday :wink:

… was everyone stunned by how much weight the Crue lost together?

Hope everyone’s having a ton of fun! And thanks for posting pics - it’s the one way one can enjoy the meetup without actually ‘meeting up’.

I agree. Looking fantastic, studs and studettes!

Squeaker is just too adorable for words. So CUTE!

I love Drew’s tie.

And huh, Sean has short hair. Wow. I had no idea. (Unless it’s cleverly hidden at the back somehow).

Awesome of you guys for posting the pics. It looks like everyone is having a great time. Can’t wait to hear the 'cast. Keep having fun and have a safe trip home!

No Sean’s hair is really that short it is not cleverly hidden

Squeaker is absolutely adorable

Wow, thanks for posting these guys! One of these days I’ll make it.

Two comments: Michaela Rose is simply adorable. :smiley:
Chuck, you’ve lost a ton of weight, man. Good for you! (What’s your secret?)