Nerf War

We’ve talked about doing it before, but never actually done it. Is anyone else interested in a nerf war? I was thinking Friday morning (not too early) before the podcasts get started.

I’m in. Going to have to upgrade my armory though. But I’m in. If we get enough people we can set up teams, maybe do a Capture The Flag thing, who knows?

I’d be interested, but I don’t have any nerf guns

I’m in! There’s a ruthless side to me that none of you have seen that comes out when I have a nerf gun in my hand.

Bwahahahah…sounds like you all should thank the Lords of Kobol that AEG didn’t suggest PAINT GUN WAR! Go git 'em Nike!

I’m jealous I won’t get to participate in this.

Ooh, I told myself I’d try to put in at least a token appearance at work before leaving… FRAK IT, I’M IN. Need to invest in Nerf!

You can usually get a maverick for ~$10. They are fun, and I’d be happy to help people with mods of they’re interested.

Yeah, got it for $12. Though I did think about getting the Silent Strike and making Noisy Cricket jokes.

Figured you guys would appreciate this from MegaCon.

I need to stea…errr borrow a gun from the nephew…I’m in!

dude i would be soooo in…but do they allow these on the plane? seems like a stupid question but i really don’t know anymore. DFW is like a mall tho so i bet i can find one there! lol

Should be OK, but if you’re taking a checked bag, put it in there. I found out after I bought my tickets that the airline I’m using charges more for carry-on bags than checked bags.

I have relieved my brother of his Nerf guns, so I’ll have a couple extras if people want to borrow them.

Now we just need a location for our Nerf war. Do any local people or past meetup attendees know of any parks or open spaces near the hotel where we could do it?

According to the Satellite image from Mapquest…there’s that open grassy area right behind the Aloft. Unless you want trees and shit to hide behind. :smiley:

We need at least a little shit to hide behind, or it could get boring pretty fast.

Getting involved in a Nerf war with a kick-ass lady with an engineering degree sounds slightly more advisable than entering an Asian land war. But it seems like it’d be an enjoyable defeat.

Not if someone shows up with a Super Soaker! :smiley: Damn I wish I was going. Check for parks on Mapquest…it looks like there are a couple of them south of the hotel. One is a nature preserve…lots of trees.

Well, we need to balance stuff to hide behind with being able to find the nerf projectiles after we shoot them, so we shouldn’t try for a place that’s too overgrown.

I’m bringing the heat, AEG! You shall be defeated!

Isn’t there a strip or clear grassy area just south of the hotel, past the parking lot? Without any barbed-wire fence and Brahma bulls? If not , screw it, I say we have the battle in the hallways. :slight_smile: