NaNoWriMo 2011 - GWC support thread!

Okay, a few of us on Twitter were saying we should have a support thread here, so… here it is. Five days 'til at the time of posting. Who’s in? What’s your idea? What’s your name on the NaNo site whenever the buddy feature starts working again?

I’m sithwitch13 on the NaNo site. This is my… fourth? year attempting NaNo, not counting last year, which I took off as a treat for hitting 50k words in 2009. (Actually, I told myself that since I’d proven I could do it I’d never do it again, but I started missing the sense of community and realized over the past year that I write best under deadlines, otherwise I just let things sit.) This year, I’m working on Anomie, a horror-YA story centered around Galveston island hauntings, three teenagers, and real-world/online identities.

What about y’all?

I’m in. I’m going to bang out the end of last year’s failed attempt, and then I’m going to start AND finish another story. Both are continuations of my “Crimson Lien” series. The failed one is your typical zombie space pirate story :wink: while the second is a murder mystery.

I’m probably not going to have any time to hang on the NaNo site, but nothing will keep me away from the GWC forums :slight_smile:

I should, but my work schedule right now sucks worse than Tory.

I’m totally down for this. I joined the site as Jonolobster and will be trying my hand at some YA sci-fi.

Hi, I’m back. Been really busy working & doing my Lego projects (I’ve just started building a replica of St Lawrence Church in Cleveland & ordering parts for an all black Millennium Falcon).

I’m gonna try really hard to do another NaNoWriMo this year, but if work gets in the way I may not make it.

I will be your NaNoWriMo friend: therealmooby

Good luck everyone.

I’m starting strong. Already broke 1000 words. After two 20-minute word sprints I’m at 1103 words, and am about to start my 3rd sprint. My goal for today is 3000 words and I so far see no reason why I won’t hit it.


Hit it? I broke through it. 3372 words and it’s not even Noon yet. Of course, I have to sleep, and then work tonight, but still I’m very happy with my progress.

For those who are curious, I did a total of 5 20-minute sprints averaging about 575 words per sprint. The final 500-odd words I wrote without being in a sprint, because I figured I’d just write 200 and get to 3000 (my goal). I got into a groove, though, and suddenly I was over 300 words over :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to do a midnight sprint since yesterday was a hideously long day that left me asleep early, but since this week is a slow one at work I’m taking the laptop and trying to make up some time. Steady plodding has brought me to 2400 words and a little short of the end of my first chapter, so once I finish that I’ll be treating myself to an episode of Breaking Bad while I plot out chapter 2 in a little more detail. Good luck to everybody!

Where the frak do I type?

This is so frustrating. Every other thing I click gets me “502 Bad Gateway.”

I just want a box that says PUT WORDS HERE.

Oh! So words don’t go on the site! That makes sense.

Yeah it’s all honor system. I personally am using Notepad. Why? Because there are no frills. Frills = distraction.

In past years, I’ve used email, VIM, Abiword, and Mousepad, depending on where I was, what was available, and what Operating System I had nearby.

Last time, I used My Writing Spot (formerly My Writing Nook) since I didn’t have a laptop and was doing my on-the-go writing on my phone. This year, I’m using the Windows Scrivener beta, which I’ve used for a couple of longer projects in the past year and found incredibly helpful. Plus, netbook! Goes a lot faster when you’re not using only your thumbs to type.

I’m sticking with Google Docs. It’s relatively no-frills, and I can access it anywhere, including on my phone. I’m okay with the “cloud” hanging on to my words.

8900 words: the point at which the characters stop dicking around and the actual plot kicks in.

Well done! I’m at 7732 though I’m hopeful I’ll hit 9000 by midnight.

Keep going guys! I don’t write long form at all but I wanted to drop in to cheer you all on. I think NaNoWriMo is an awesome project and so proud of you all for taking on the challenge! so go go go!

I started really late this year. Really did most of my writing in the last hour and a half. Time for a break. 3553 words right now, but my pot of coffee and two red bulls says I’ll be adding to that some more. Kinda sucks that none of Nano’s word count widgets are up. I liked the calendar one I used last year in my signature line. Happy writing everyone!


Sorry, please return to your normal internetting

(But I hit ten thousand words!!!)

3.5k in 90 minutes is pretty sweet. It took me six 20-minute sprints (aka 2 hours) to do that, though I spread them out over several hours (the bulk of the daylight hours on the first day).

One year I wrote 8k in a day, but it was about a 16-hour day :slight_smile:

I type fast. It doesn’t mean any of what I type is any good. Plus the fact That I’m writing sci-fi & world-building & everything needs to be explained.