More whining from SGU producers over viewer dissatisfaction

<insert animated gif of train derailing>

At the current rate, I wonder if SGU will even be picked up for a second season.

The show deserves dissatisfaction.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if at least some of the dissatisfaction came from them announcing it the day after announcing that Season 5 would be the end of Atlantis. Even if they didn’t cancel Atlantis to make room for Universe, that’s the impression the timing gave.

I went from being a huge SG-1 fan, to a disappointed one (the way they finished off the series), to an angry SGA fan (too much playing around with the cast, bad storylines, who’s in charge of Atlantis this week, etc.), to not really caring about SGU at all (darkness for darkness’s sake). It’s very sad what’s happening to this franchise. Time for a break, I think. Someone call J.J. Abrams in about five years. :slight_smile:

Warehouse 13 is about the last show I’ve had any interest in, and it’s because it’s fun and has some genuinely interesting storylines. The characters could use some work, but they’re growing on me.

I think Maureen Ryan makes excellent points and she sums up the disappointed community’s feelings well:

If you and the show’s creative team truly think all those things are being done well, we’ll have to agree to disagree. In any case, I think I’ve given “Stargate Universe” a fair shot. Don’t worry about me mentioning the show anymore. Unless I hear that it’s taken a big step forward in quality, I think I am, like many other potential viewers, pretty much done giving it a chance.

If as a producer you’re gonna come out and bash the public instead of defending your show, you deserve what you get. I’ve kept quiet about SGU since I’ve not watched any of the other Stargate series. My question is: What are they trying to achieve with SGU? I’ve asked myself that since the pilot aired. After watching the first few episodes so far, I still don’t get what they’re trying to do. I just chalked it up to me being dense. It happens. But as I hear others complaints, I’m not so sure.

That being said, what a fickle world we live in. I mean, the show is just 7 episodes in. Used to be it would take seasons for shows to get their stride. Sure we can hold shows up to a higher standard but don’t you think it’s ridiculous to just drop out after 7 episodes. If that was the case for any of the Star Trek series, none of them would have made it past the first season. Perhaps it’s because Star Trek was the only sci-fi show on. Now as fans of the genre, we have to be more discerning since the market is saturated with content.

I’m just saying; about 10 years ago there was a damned good show called Dead Last that got canned after only 3 episodes! For all rights & purposes, the concept got resurrected and you now know it as Reaper.

I dont wholly agree but I dont disagree either. Personally Im still watching, not because I think the characters/plots are all that compelling (tbh if it wasnt Stargate Id prolly bench it till season 2 or 3) but because its Stargate, the show is still entertaining enough to give it 42mins of my time, and for moments like the one a few eps back where they thought they were going to die and they had that scene where the angry sergeant was doing his video log. Awesome!

Still not sure where they expect this to go. They are trapped on a ship in deep space, things dont work or they are failing, but I still dont ‘feel’ like they are in any real danger. I cant suspend my disbelief, I dont know why. I think the sexism claims are blown out of proportion, if only because very few of the characters have anything worthwhile to do or say. I dont care about any of them. Im going to keep watching and hope it at least goes through season 2, but if it doesnt I still got Sanctuary which is 10x better and IMO is the real successor to SG1/SGA.

well i like the show a lot… because its different from the other shows. but all this crap is taking away from my enjoyment of the show. i for one hope it lasts.

I agree It seems like SGU is going the route that Star Trek did with Voyager getting people stranded in deep space but they’re not using the potential that comes from being able to show new planets and new characters (other than kicking those little dust thingies off into “Hoth”). Instead, they just focus on the nerdy characters trying to figure out how the weird ship works and going back and forth to Earth with those communication stones (which really weakens the plot IMHO). The pilot episode showed a lot of potential, but it does seem like they’re squandering a good chunk of it.

which i am still fine with so far, but it’s approaching my limit too if they don’t throw in a curveball soon.

here’s the thing, from the few SG1s i do remember, almost every planet with a gate on it has aliens living there. If the acients have been seeding gates out here, why would they choose planets with nothing on it? or they just want the resources?

Well, the reason for that is that the Ancients seeded most of the humans in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. Since they apparently only seeded the gates in the galaxies on the Destiny’s path, there wouldn’t necessarily be life there.

That’s a fair point. Perhaps I’m the oddball in that I’m pretty new to the Stargate franchise and don’t have the same “OMG New Stargate series – I’ll watch it no matter what” ethic that other fans do. But I guess I would have thought they’d give us something more to chew on after six episodes. Then again, Dollhouse did take a good six or seven episodes to really get started and I’m glad I stuck with it even if it’s probably going to get the axe after this season.

So far, I am enjoying the show. However, I agree with the criticism’s of the characters so far. The women are, thus far, forgettable. That sex scene WAS gratuitous & really didn’t belong in the setting. Actually so far all of them have bene. The Congressman’s daughter just sleeping with the one dude…what? No build up to the relationship just BAM they are together. Then last week, she’s pissed about her boyfriend sleeping with her friend? Hello? You have exactly been faithful have you? That entire story line isn’t making any sense to me.

The geeky dude, thus far, has been a complete stereotype. He’s still in the same damn hoody & t-shirt in the 7th episode.

Man I better stop, if I keep looking too closely at it I won’t be able to enjoy it at all. Suffice it to say, it’s certainly not brilliant writing, the characters aren’t that well defined…but so far it’s not bothering me. I imagine it will soon unless they seriously start developing them.

Which may have something to do with the fact that 1) he was beamed out of his house straight to the Hammond and 2) the fact that it was an emergency evacuation, so even if he had other clothes in the room he was given at Icarus, he wouldn’t have time to go grab them before he had to go through the gate.

To be fair, I think Aset was commenting on the fact that this guy is still dressing as if he was in 7th Grade. not the fact that he has nothing else to wear.

I’m not a huge SG fan, not because I don’t like it, but because I haven’t watched much (on the list). I was thrilled to have a new SG series to follow from the beginning. That sad, I think it started strong and then moved a bit slow. The 11/6 episode really excited me because it moved from a ship malfunction of the week, to a more character driven show, and that’s what I’d like to see more of. My fingers are crossed that it stays around long enough to get better.

I’m not gonna bash it, I basically like the show, but the new episodes are starting to feel like re-runs.

yeah, i thought congressman daughter and Scott hookup was random too…

her boyfriend broke up with her before she left earth working for her dad. and she just happened to find out that it was because he hooked up with her best friend in someone else’s body…

here’s to hoping it gets interesting soon

To be fair, I think hoodies and t-shirts are comfortable.

Nothing wrong with sex, gratuitous or not, as far as Im concerned.

They broke up before she got on the ship, she just didnt know it was because her douchey ex was sleeping with her best friend. She hooked up with the young soldier, whose name escapes me atm, because they had bonded over the loss of their parents and their world was about to end. Not exactly unprecedented for people to bond like that in seemingly hopeless situations.

The guy is a geek, but I dont think he is as one dimensional as you seem to be implying.

As to the producers bashing the fans, well, it didnt happen. If you read his blog he mentions that 1) whether or not you like the format of the new show (as opposed to the old Stargate stuff) it will continue on as it has been. This is the new direction of the show, for good or ill. 2.)He called out posters to his blog who were being disrespectful to the actors and not their characters. So much so that parents(of the actors) and some of the actors themselves have refused to read the blog. By disrespectful I mean calling them whores and saying they hope they die and stuff like that.

I think its definitely starting to ramp up, like they are finding their feet. But this show is more of a character drama and not a weekly adventure. It will never be SG1, if thats the only thing you want, time to move on.