Mass Effect News!

According to IGN, ME 2 will be out in 2010, and more DLC for ME 1 is in the works, though no info on details and release date.

Frakken YAY!!! Best news I’ve heard all day!

Cool, I was starting to exhibit some MEWS (Mass Effect Withdrawal Syndrom)

Great news, though 2010 is a loooooooong time away. I am interested in finding out how they intend to continue your character from I to II – especially given the fact that your decisions so greatly affect the game. AND, if you played through more than once, you likely made different decisions each time.

Hopefully we’ll get the second Downloadable Content pretty soon. What would you like to see in ME2? I’d like to see a wider variety in the secondary quests which was probably my only complaint for ME1 as I found them to be a bit repetitive (land on planet, explore a bit, invade a base). I also love the idea to be able to use your character from ME1 to continue in ME2 :slight_smile:

Some more info on it here. “You’re going to go to a kind of casino gaming fight club space station”. Sounds good to me.

Gives me a year to play through the first one :slight_smile:

I played the first when it came out and then again once I could put it on my HDD; it really is my FAVORITE 360 game, flaws and all. The only BioWare game where I actually finished a Dark Side run(it was surprisingly fun to gat people in the head and mete out my own brand of space justice).

Way excited for new content, and of course for a polished-up sequel.


I am defiantly super stoked about this. I played thru the game like 3 times and am decently in the way to a 4th play thru. I had fun with the first round of DLC i would have liked a little more story and hope the next round of DLC is more like one of the main storylines.

Hmmm…this may inspire me to play it again!

Not only is there new DLC supposedly coming this year but the newest issue of GameInformer had a tidbit about a Mass Effect 2 session being on the docket for this years Game Developers Conference. I can’t wait to finally start getting some sort of info on ME2 since they’ve been working on the game for a while now. There can never be enough ME for me.

Time to change your trousers

The first teaser is up!!!

Grrrrrrrr:mad: Damn video won’t load for me. Does it look good?

No it sucks. Just keeps saying “Loading 01%” Lamest game I ever saw.

Yea i had to reload. But yea the vid is pretty damn cool. its very much a teaser.

I can’t wait I loved the first one, Looks great.

That was… beautiful… sniff

A different trailer link, for people having trouble with the official one.

That is one of the best teaser’s I’ve seen for a game in a while. That teaser actually made me yell out “holy frak!” Makes me wonder just what Bioware is going to do with ME2. I’m so anxious for this game now.

That was it? Guess you had to play the first one to get that…

yea. It has lots of significance to the story of the game