Joss Whedon is back on TV with "Dollhouse"

And it’s called ‘Dollhouse’!!! And it stars Eliza Dushku!!!

I already love the show.
This made my day, it’s like Xmas in November :slight_smile:

As a side note, he’s already back on tv as he directed tonight’s episode of ‘The Office’.

This show is going to last about 5 minutes, regardless how good it is. Especially considering Joss’ previous Fox tv show. But I’ll certainly watch it. I just hope I don’t get invested again and it gets cancelled.

Well, I’m a huge fan of Firefly, but I really haven’t found his other stuff that interesting. I’ll check this out, though.

wow, i bet having joss behind the camera for this one made dwight/rainn wilson weak in the knees lol

The fact that it’s a fox TV show does send shivers down my spine, but still great news

Joss and Eliza one show its hard to find better news than that.

This is good news but I still cant get too excited with the Fox network involved. Joss back to tv is still a step in the right direction.

Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

Just re-watched this great video of a speech Whedon gave at a charity event:


Hope Fox treats him better this time around…

I figured I may as well bump this thread than start a new one. There’s one more reason to watch this show. Our very own Helo is one of the leading charachters. I suppose with BSG wrapping up Tahmoh Penikett needs a new job. Please Fox, don’t screw Joss, not again.

Well thats just plain cool. it kind of surprises me to be honest. but i like the actor so we’ll see how it all plays out, you know eventually

Have they set a cancalation date yet? :smiley:

I just really hope she doesn’t pull the same acting used for Faith… that character was probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

It is Fox, isn’t it?

True. They haven’t set a cancellation date…but they won’t tell us when the show airs and move it randomly.


I believe the people running the network now are different that the people that were responsible for Firefly’s demise. It seems like, from what I’ve read, that the network is pretty much behind Dollhouse and that they are committed to seeing it succeed. They alreay ordered 7 episodes.

Of course I’ll be cautiously optimistic until we have a full season order.

According the wikipedia entry (you know where it is, you don’t need a link) he actually plays what sounds like a very interesting part. I’ll let you look it up for the spoiler sensitive. I never thought of myself as a fanboi, but I’ll actually watch this just because Tamoh Penikett is in it. And I hear that Whedon guy has some geek cred too.

You can see Tahmoh Penikett in his new role in the first Dollhouse promo!

I think that the show looks very interesting - I’m excited to see it.

Uh. . . in January.

Nice trailer, I’m looking forward to it. Although ‘Who Are You’, what are they Vorlons or something. I’m still hoping Fox don’t screw Joss again. I’d love to see a guest staring role for Nathan Fillion somwhere down the line.

The Hollywood Reporter has a clip from Whedon’s Dollhouse here.

…also shows one from J.J. Abram’s new X-Files-y Fringe, and one of Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show too.