Jamie Bamber on Dollhouse preimere

What do you think of Jamie’s not quite Jamie, not quite Baltar, not quite Apollo accent?

It’s pretty good. He really is a great actor.

Helo ( cause I can never spell his real name) is great as always as well.

This show is great and getting better.

His accent is how he actually talks. It was nice to see him be able to use it. Of course the accent made him the perfect villain.

Yup - pretty much his natural accent, or very close to it. And it is was very nice to see him be able to use it, at least recently. Even in L&O:UK he doesn’t use his normal accent. Other then some British movies last time he really got to use it: Horatio Hornblower

Plus he rarely gets to play the bad guy - so that made it cool to see.

And his character didn’t die - which is a plus - most of his characters do only like 3 I can think of have actually made it to the end of the episode/movie/role.

I disagree. He sounds totaly different than his real accent.

I have heard him speak on dvd’s and stuff… he has a really high pitched girly brit accent. This was a lot different and more gruff. I liked it.

I think he is a pretty good voice actor.

I think it was his accent Americanized just a bit so we can understand him easier.

Although I appreciate your thots, I know as a fact that Raemani has met Jamie in person on a number of occasions.

I met him twice as well. I met him and his wife Kerry as well and he has a MUCH higher pitched voice in person than on that episode.Also I own Hornblower - which sounds a LOT like his natural voice and not much like the episoded last night. ( I mean it still sounds like him - just like him doing a character). His natural speaking voice is higher pitched ( as is most people I believe) than his serious acting voice. BUT I conceed that that may have been more of an “evil” characterisation of his natural happy voice. Sure he sounds “like” Jamie… it is jamie. But actors have different versions of their own voices without even noticeing it.

We plugged in the season 4.5 dvd listend to him speak in the feturette, then went back to dollhouse and if you hear them 2.5 seconds apart … there is a VERY noticeable differnece between the accents ( and especialy even the tone of voice).

Example: I subconsiously remove the “tennessee twang” from my voice when I brief a client, but put it on a little stronger when I talk to me grandma. Anyone from work could hear me with my “home friends” and would still believe that I wasn’t doing a character, i… but if they took a recordeing of me in a bussiness meeting , then played it

Like I said, Jamie joking around on a set on a dvd and Jamie the evil wife beater sound like the same person… but the same person doing a completely diferent vocie.

OK that is pretty damn good! I wasn’t meaning as an insult to him…I used “girly brit” as an extreme adjective to contrast the fake american accent that sounds extra gruff. I wouldn’t want him to jump up off a stool and punch me in the knee caps! :wink:

[i did like seeing the creative camera angles when Jamie and Helo were squareing off] Reminded me of the podcast with Micheal Trucco.

I think he is an excelent actor and the Jamie Bamber’s accent situation is one of the bigest proofs to the acting chops that run rampant on that show.

I dig him as a bad guy as well.

What about this: Jamies characte has seen a glimpse of the dolls. He has been hurt by the dollhouse and Paul. He might become an actual bad guy that’s not our own govt, the dollhouse owners, Alpha, or the bad guy of the week. What if he get’s out of jail… or is found not-guilty and makes it his organizations mission to be the twice a season bad guy for the the show!

( who am I kidding- this is the final season and we know it!)

What is with these American shows making the British as the bad guys? :wink:

They burned our capitol down once. This is our revenge.

I thought all of you were evil … no… but the tv tells me its true.

Everyone KNOWS that anyone with an accent is evil. They also have a scar and a goatee.

It’s quite deceptive.

I was pretty pleased with the episode. Would have liked to see why Jamie’s character wanted a doll as a wife, and please don’t say for the sex. I thought it was interesting that the character wanted a wife, rather than a flavor of the month. I should have reviewed S1, because I felt confused. Last episode I watched was at ComicCon, the fake series ender if the show was cancelled.

I liked it a lot too! :slight_smile: the “role” EchoDoll was playing was Helo’s partner (forgive me, can’t remember his DH character name at the moment), who was undercover, presumably for quite some time–long enough to get Jamie’s d-bag arms dealer character to fall in love with and marry her. more than a little confusing. should’ve come with a scorecard :smiley:

Sure, but what about Alexis Denisof, formerly Wesley on Buffy and Angel, trying to play an American Senator? Sorry dude, wasn’t buyin’ it!

Actually i dont think he hired her as a Doll. i think she was a plant to get into his life. I think he thot he was actually marrying the persona that Exho was playing.

The Brits had Picard, that’s enough good guy cred to last another century…

they are just balancing it out…

Yeah, see, the twist of the episode was that Tahmo was the one who had hired Echo the Doll and had her imprinted with the skills of an FBI officer who was then infiltrating Jamie Bamber’s weapons running organization by seducing and marrying him. Bamber’s character did not know about the Dollhouse.