IS it too soon for ....

The list:

I’m coming to the third annual GWC Meetup - woot

I want to go but still have convince the evil bosses of doom/wife/partner/bank manager

I do intend coming meself and have already booked the hotel room. I’ll admit that i took this idea from another forum I participate in. The idea is to quote the list bit and add yourself to the appropriate subsection (leaving my random babbling out).
If i’ve breached some forum etiquette by doing this please elt the forum mods delete it.
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Things I will bring with me this year in my survival kit:

Thermal pajamas, snow shovel, parka, Taun-taun…

It’s Texas. There’s at least an equal chance that it’ll be 90 and sunny the whole weekend.

I will be there…bringing my Blade Runner umbrella. :smiley:

I can deal with 90 and sunny. It’s the 90 and sunny one day, then 17 and snowing the next, then right back up to 90 the day after that is tough to take lol. :slight_smile:

My oh my how you whine about the weather. Here in the great white north of Canuck land we go through weather swings in a hour. Lol anyways I’m already plotting to come to the meet up by any means possible. Which includes subliminal messages to the wife as she sleeps satin you must let Matt go to the meet up.

In Baconface’s defense it was the first time she ever seen snow.

I live in the north east US, had had 80 in (200 cm) of snow last winter. I was whining about the snow too. In addition they have NO snow equipment in TX. At least up north they know how to move snow.

Yup that is true we so know about moving snow around. Last winter for us was totally messed up though and snow didn’t come till January. In December we has mild t-shirt weather.

I just had a thot that maybe we could plan something nice for the GWCers getting there on Thursday night. Maybe going out to catch a movie somewhere, or a live frak party in someone’s hotel room?

Sorry Phazedout for hijacking the thread :o

Good ideas Baconface. Or we could alway invade to Rover.

I shall be prepared for any occasion.

Don’t worry, I’ll be there again to give tips on how to drive in the snow should the unthinkable happen again. :slight_smile:

Felt right at home when that happened. (and yes, I’m aware I’m only reinforcing the Canadian snow-always stereotype) :stuck_out_tongue:

One word: Steakhouse

well folks while chatting with the lovely nicole yesterday she said she’d try and arrange for some specials in the bar when i told her thursday night was paddy’s day, me being form the 'ol sod and all :stuck_out_tongue:
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Bar specials would be awsome. Hey Juan did you remember to book your dog sled team in for it’s yearly check up before the snow hits.

Texas Land and Cattle. There’s one in Frisco, very close to the hotel. Y’all will love it!

Texas Land and Cattle is the best.

There’s a saying: “Texas weather: if you don’t like it, wait a minute.” It’s especially true in March :D. I need to decide if I’m just doing an overnight serene trip or taking a half day on Friday or something so I can make my reservation! The weekend after is a convention that I dearly love and used to help run, so it’s going to be an awesome week.

Ugh. It’s New England weather. Mark Twain.

Damn Texans today…

What? No queso??? :wink:

Seriously though, +1 to this idea!

“I have been and shall always be, your Queso.”