Hotel Information

The Hotel

Aloft Plano (Website)
6853 North Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
(214) 474-2520

When you call, be sure to tell them that you’re with the “GWC Meetup” for two reasons: First, you’ll receive the discount rates listed below (which Sean worked hard to negotiate). Second, they’re trying to put everyone together into nearby rooms. Third, the hotel has been extremely accommodating in helping us in terms of the Friday night podcast and party, and letting them know you’re booking because of us will help them feel better about their decision to help us.

Hotel Photos


As you can see from the photos, this place freakin’ rocks. It’s custom designed for exactly what we’re doing: hosting a big, three-day party. The rooms aren’t extremely large, but they’re decked out in designer chic. The bar (yes, there’s a bar in the hotel this time) and podcast room are incredible.

Each room includes a waterfall-type shower, and (more important to geeks, we suspect) a 42" LCD TV along with a convenient breakout box and power setup that makes connecting a computer or game console dead simple.

Note: These rooms are smaller than the ones at last year’s venue, though they’re cheaper and nicer. You can fit four people into a double queen room, but we wouldn’t advise trying to stuff in more. There’s not really much room for roll-away beds.

Hotel Rates

Single king and double queen rooms are available for $80/night + tax/fees.

When To Book

They’re holding a small group of rooms for us, and though they should have additional rooms available beyond this, there’s no reason not to book as soon as possible.

/whistle I don’t think I’ve ever slept somewhere that modern looking.

You may never get to, sleeping is not allowed at a GWCIM. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that place looks gorgeous!

Room is booked! Gonna be some awesome right there!

Any chance they gave you a “Buy one David room get the 2nd one free” coupon? :smiley:

Wanna start a stampede? Yell “Hey David, come here!” at a GWC Meetup. :smiley:

Though in fairness, we still had a fairly well-balanced Dave-to-Girl ratio :slight_smile:

craaap, those rooms look incredible.

goes without sayin!!

giggedy :smiley:

Hotel reservation made but flights are pricey! Hoping they come down so that Frenchie, Lil Spock, and maybe Bacon n Eggs will be there!!

$80 bucks a night is INCREDIBLE! Is that before or after discount? :smiley:

I just booked my room! Haven’t started looking at flights yet, but I may be using the birthday gift angle with my folks.

I booked- have a double queen room. If any GWC ladies want to room with me- send a DM.

just booked my room. i reserved a double queen room incase any1 is in need of a place to crash… just let me kno

I have not participated in the forumns until now. so i don’t know any of you. although i have been listening to the podcast since episode 25 probably.

What will actually happen at this meetup? what if nobody is nice to me? is it crazy to fly across the country for this? is there a proposed schedule?

Well I know there is a party planned with a podcast taped live - I am sure we won’t know the topic until we get closer.

I have been listening since about the same time as you, and been involved in several meet-ups as well as the event last year. I had an absolute blast.

I am sure you won’t have a problem with people not liking you - there were over 60 of us last time - and while I had met some people before there were lots I didn’t know and everyone got along. That is one of the strenghs of this community - we can disagree, but we all genuinely like each other.

There was a schedule last year that we got about a week before the meet-up - I am sure there will be lots of stuff planned as well as time to just hang out and get to know each other, or hang out with friends you have never met or haven’t seen in awhile.

No you are not crazy to fly across the country at all. I am guessing that most of the NYC crue (at least half that I know of off the top of my head, myself included will be going).

I am sure others can put it into words better then I, but I had a blast last year, and although many will tell you otherwise I am pretty shy, at least when I first meet someone. But I can tell you this - everyone I have ever met from this community is nice, friendly and a bunch of fun to be around.

I have come up to the city (I live outside of Philly) on multiple occasions to meet-up with not only Chuck, Audra, and Sean, but several members of this community for various things like seeing a movie, taping a live podcast, having lunch in Central Park followed by a trip to the Natural History Museum/Hayden Planitarium, to seeing Tuba’s and Euphoniums play Christmas Carols in the rain. Next time we all get together you should come out and join us…

Here is a picture from our must recent get together (it was back in Sept):

Back row: Yorrick, Frakkintalos, ATGreat
Front Row:Solai, Steviespin, me, Topgun

Hey Jonathan. I flew to the meetup last year without really knowing anyone. I had met Chuck and Sean when they came to San Francisco for MakerFaire, but other than that, I didn’t know a soul, and, at that time, I wasn’t even active on the forums. A stranger, who turned about to be the nicest GWC fan ever, picked me up at the airport and drove me to the hotel. After that, it was sheer fun.

You should go!!


Same thoughts went through my head when I decided to fly down from Canada. To put it in perspective, I hadn’t even left Vancouver Island in four years before going to the 2009 meetup. In my opinion, it was definitely worth it, and will be again this year. It was a very memorable weekend, and from that one meetup I’ve made a ton of new friends.

I think Audra pointed out a good example of the meetup atmosphere during the 200th podcast; she pointed out that moment before the finale viewing when we all collectively said ‘craaaaaap’ - GWC’ers are all on the same wavelength. If you like the podcast and like the discussions on this forum, come to the meetup and enjoy the company of some really awesome people.

Now, I shall stop, in fear of becoming overly nostalgic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetings all,

We’ve gotten some calls on issues with wanting to book a day early/late. Here’s what’s up…

So I just got off the horn with the folks at aloft plano and they said it’s no biggie if you want to come in a day early and get the same rate. Just call the hotel itself 214.295.3594 and hit 0 for the front desk or ask whoever you get for the front desk and book it there.

If that doesn’t work have them put you through to Nicole in event planning. She will make sure your stuff gets squared away.

Rock on,