Hotel Information

Aloft Plano
6853 North Dallas Parkway
Plano TX 75024 USA
(214) 474-2520

Hotel Rates

Single king and double queen rooms are available for $79/night + tax/fees. Note: you must call to book your room, don’t use the website!

When you call, be sure to tell them that you’re with the “GWC Meetup” for a few reasons: First, you’ll receive the discount rates listed above (which Sean worked hard to negotiate). Second, they’re trying to put everyone together into nearby rooms. Third, the hotel has been extremely accommodating in helping us in terms of the Friday night podcast and party, and letting them know you’re booking because of us will help them feel better about their decision to help us.

Hotel Photos


As you can see from the photos, this place freakin’ rocks. It’s custom designed for exactly what we’re doing: hosting a big, three-day party. The rooms aren’t extremely large, but they’re decked out in designer chic. The bar (yes, there’s a bar in the hotel cuz, we can haz booze) and podcast room are incredible.

Each room includes a waterfall-type shower, and (more important to geeks, we suspect) a 42" LCD TV along with a convenient breakout box and power setup that makes connecting a computer or game console dead simple.

Note: These rooms are very nice but small. You can fit four people into a double queen room, but we wouldn’t advise trying to stuff in more. There’s not really much room for roll-away beds.

When To Book

They’re holding a small group of rooms for us, and though they should have additional rooms available beyond this, there’s no reason not to book as soon as possible.

When you call the hotel, do it on a weekday and ask for Nicole. Especially if you are arriving before the 18th and staying after the 20th. Otherwise the person at the reservations desk will book the extra nights at a different rate!

Here are some other pics we have of the place as well - from last year.

It worked out well and we are super stoked to be welcomed back :slight_smile:

Just got off the phone with Nicole, I’m all set with my room now! SQUEE! When you guys call, please remember to thank her for her help in keeping the low rate for the rooms!

You forgot the ones with the snow in it.

no doubt…this looks liek a job for



Call me a tard, but I guess I missed the date of this thing. When is it?

It was announced in podcast #241 here. It’s going to be March 18-20, 2011 :slight_smile:

Any news if all the rooms are taken? I checked my schedule and I will be back from Paris in time to go to this.

BTW, which airport is closer to fly into, Lubbock or Paris? (Odd that I will be returning from Paris to fly to another Paris)

There are definitely still rooms, and you want to fly into DFW which is 30 minutes from the hotel. (Lubbock is 4 hrs away and Paris doesn’t sport a commercial airport.)

Thanks Chuck! What amazes me is flight on that weekend are 244, while the following weekend are 72!

Oh sweet! Found a round trip for 144!

Wow that is a great price. The prices for me are still running in the mid 300’s. In fact right now it is cheaper for me to fly from here to San Diego in July (I am going to SDCC) then from here to DFW. Granted that was Philly - haven’t checked Newark recently

I’m flying out of La Guardia on United. It’s a round trip with a stop in Philly going out, and stop and change over at Charlotte on the way back.

not sure if southwest flys up your way, but Love Field is their Dallas hub and might have better prices than flying into DFW

They do, but are often one of the more expensive flights for some reason. I am sure the prices will go down, just have to time it.

Last year I think I flew out of Philly, but the year before Newark. Allentown is also an option.

I just find it funny that I can fly all the way across the country for cheaper then to half way across the country (of course the flight times on the SD trip were not pleasant coming home - it was a 10:30 pm flight arriving home at 10 am, with a 2 or 3 hour layover in ATL - but at least I know that airport pretty well :slight_smile:

Huh I just looked today outa LGA and was getting mid 300s lol

I used travelocity. Do LGA to DFW.

I’m doing thursday-monday which is probably the difference