Hello, is there anyone out there...

I realised along time ago there would be no more podcasts. That’s fine as everyone moves on with their life and finds new hobbies and interests. But what happened? The podcast and community seemed to be gaining more and more popularity as time went on; then suddenly nothing. It’s not that I deserve a explanation, I don’t know any of the crew personally; however my curiosity compels me to check this forum from time to time to see if there is an update, or a reason for the abrupt ending. I know there we’re technical difficulties that initially stopped production of new podcasts, but why didn’t they ever pick up where they left off? I don’t necessarily deserve a explanation, but my curiosity drives me to ask. :slight_smile:

I feel ya there…it was like the whole town just got abandoned and no one posted a sign saying why…I thought it was really over when the forum crashed, but amazingly enough people were around to restore it…but no much else…it’s a shame…this was the best place out there to talk all the cool geeky shows in the 'verses…

Ya, totally agree.
The “abandoned town” feeling - you got that perfectly.
No place out there to talk about, The Expanse, Dark Matter & Killjoys.
I miss the old forum.

I miss it too, I’m glad I was able to make that last meet-up before the whole thing went up in smoke… I’ve tried another message board and as great as it is…it’s barely busy enough to keep up with things…and yeah there’s twitter…but I can’t stand twitter…and a couple of Facebook groups…none of which are really the same though…

I know, I share your pain.

I’ve tried the “if you post it, they will come,” but not much success with that.
Oh well.

…weird…it ate my response :stuck_out_tongue:

…I hear ya there, I’ve been trying elsewhere too…it’s a nice forum, just needs 2-3 more regulars…esp in the summer with all the DC Shows on break, the big problem is social media has killed the message board format… least I got Facebook!

Yup, that’s it.

We should complain about this on Facebook…it only seems fitting :smiley:

I do miss the podcasts and the message boards… and yes social media has killed the format however it could live on in a Facebook or the like…however without the pod casts I am not sure what the point of that would be. I had some personal stuff happen in my life, left the casts for a time, got my crap together and then came back and they were gone! I wish I knew what happened and if there was even a warning.

it’s a shame because FB groups kinda suck and you drown in negativity and endless bitching and I can’t stand that…there’s always a reason if people want a reason…I just wish we all knew why the rug got pulled out from us…but somethings we shall never know…and no there was no warning…it was the big meetup in Dallas and then…poof

Hey yall, I’m still out there too…

I share the sentiments expressed in this thread - I also poke around the forum every once in a long while to see if there’s been any activity.

If the podcast had to end, then it had to end. It was always something Chuck Audra and Sean did for free in their spare time - it’s quite understandable that something could change that would prevent them from continuing.

But it still strikes me as strange for the podcast to have ended without an explanation - without a post saying goodbye or any communication at all. Do they owe us any more content? No, not at all. But I know something of a goodbye post would have been appreciated. I mean, right now people are walking around with the GWC logo tattooed on their body, right? And I would enjoy knowing that Chuck and Audra are still doing well (I know Sean has other podcasts.)

This was a special community that I enjoyed and was proud to be a part of - It was and remains a sad note that it came to an end in such a fashion. If Chuck, Audra, Sean, Juan, or whoever is still out there - i hope you’re doing well! If you ever decide to restart the cast I have no doubt that countless others would join me in returning to this community to celebrate sci fi and the friendliest people in sci fi once more.

I’m still around keeping things running, at least as far as the actual website and forum go (sorry for not noticing when the damn thing crashed, my bad :stuck_out_tongue: ). However, life happens, and priorities change. For example, I changed positions at work (increased workload), rebooted my RL social life and reconnected with some local friends, and started dating and am now engaged to a lovely fellow Canadian (don’t worry, she’s got a geeky streak too :smiley: ). Doesn’t really leave a lot of spare time, but I still try to check in online as much as I can. I will admit that I sometimes do miss podcasting, but it’s a lot of work on the backend that I can’t commit to full-time anymore.

I hope everyone is doing well out there!

Its ironic…I never really listened to the podcasts (well not till the end and going to Dallas to meet everyone)…I always like the message board format better, it still kinda sucks to see all this awesome Geek TV out there (and yes I mean you CW and your awesome unleashing of the DC Universe :slight_smile: ) …its just a shame this community dried up and there’s not many left to talk about it with…

Good to hear from you Juan, and congrats! That’s awesome news.

I hope I didn’t sound ungrateful in my post. The years of work you guys put in to this community will always be appreciated.


Not at all. I just wanted to voice that I’m not dead (just in online-cryo-sleep). :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s Juan’s head on the shelf there in the jar.

Quick, someone get me the Headless Body of Spiro Agnew!

You guys. We might break the forum with all this activity.

We’re bringing it back.