Happy Birthday Splatterson!!

And I’m the one that noticed? BWAH?!

Here’s a card for your congratulatory day

Happy Birthday!

Have a great B day.

Happy B-day!!!

Happy birthday to ya… Is is pronounced “Spayterson” or “Spatterson”?



Happy Birthday Spatter!! Time to come clean with us and admit you’re a cylon!

hope it’s a great one!

Happy frakin’ birthday Splatterson! :smiley:
(Going by Sean’s official GWC pronunciation?)

Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

SPatterson. It’s my initial and last name. Original, I know. :o

Frakking awesome!

Thanks guys! You are the best-est! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Spatterson!

Happy fraaaaaaaking birthday, you gods-damned toaster lover. May the Lords of Kobol smile upon you this day and every day until your next birthday.

Would you rather we saved you a viper or a raider? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

One of each, please!

I would get you a cake, but you have those awesome cupcakes, so I won’t push more chocolate on you… still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Splatterson! Woot!

Happy frakkin’ Birthday!

You can never have too much chocolate Casilda! :slight_smile: