Happy Birthday frakkintalos!!!

Happy Birthday frakkintalos!!!

Let me be the first to wish you congratulations on another year. I hope you get everything you want this year so I decided to call in a favor and ask a friend to help.

My buddy Bill should be stopping by with a special “Package” for you - IYKWIM. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Frakkintalos!

Have a great birthday, my friend!

What, Talos is another year older? Is it because of


(Nah, probably not. Happy birthday, 'Talos.)

Happy birthday, dude. Have a shatastic day!

Sorry 'Talos - I couldn’t find anything furry or bunny related… :smiley:

On your birthday, 'Talos, The Shat says:

“May your day be as fabulous as I am!”

Happy Birthday Talos!

[b]The Shat was happy to oblige!

Good Hunting!


Here’s hopin’ that your birthday is …


Dude, why does the green lady have only one arm?

that arm must’ve gotten in the way of her boobs looking spectacular, so it was deemed extraneous.

Happy Birthday!

The Green Lady must have seen bkitty’s post…her other arm’s protecting her SorryBarb.

I suppose. After all, who needs an arm when you got boobs like that? :eek:

It’s there! Look at where the strap of her bottoms goes over her right hip… See it now?

eeeennnnnhhhhhh! I need a judge’s ruling on that

I’m thinking a one-armed fabulous green goddess wouldn’t have stopped the Shat. Just sayin’.

Buttttt…(pun intended) yeah, that green goddess, is picking her thong out of her SorryBarb…yep, I see it now.