Happy Birthday DXF!

have a great day!

Happy birthday, Ferris! Make it AWESOME!

f any of you are wondering – not that you should be, having met him yourselves – DXF is a righteous dude. Really.

Have a happy, rockin’ b-day, man, and I hope it’s a good day all 'round.

Doubleplus thanks for the thoughts and props, all!

I normally limit my birthday observances to strictly family – I don’t mention it to anyone at work – but there’s no people I’d rather receive b-day shout-outs from. GWC rules. Which is to say all of you rule.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays yet and many, many happy birthdays [COLOR=LightBlue]to come![/COLOR]


I wish I was at home so I could leave a cool graphic! Argh!

mucho monkey love!

me! b!

Happy Birthday DFX!

bwaa! “monkey love” is one of my favorite phrases.

“what the world needs now / is monkey love / it’s the only thing / that there’s just too little of.”

ongoing thanx to y’all. gotta go make some mac & cheese for the little one now.

Could it also be one of your favorite fantasies?

Here is to hoping you get your wish. Happy Birthday DXF!!! :smiley:

Happy birthday, Ferris. May it be a kick ass one in every sense of the word. So say we all.

Woohoo, happy birthday!!

may your outro be remixxed as much as you’d care to sample today.

Happy Birthday!


You rock man. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, fellow dweller of the last North American Hellmouth!

Keep on frakkin rockin, Ferris!! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday DXF!

Hey DXF,

Hope you have a great birthday there in Rubber (or is Polymer now?) City!