Halo Armor

Now this is my first thread in GWC so go easy on me please. I am going to start posting the progress of me making this armor of mine I just really need to keep record the progress as I go what better way to post it here at @ GWC. I will post pictures of the progress and videos so here we go.

I was working on this for 3 months now and I going to post all my armor pics on my flicker account.

Well that’s all for now I work real hard on this and my gamer tag is “dead toa” with the space if any one asking.

Great stuff, Toa! What inspired you to start the project?

Well the geek fest up here is a small convention that takes place in CTC in August and seeing people with a well better costume than me made me want to do better and I love the halo series. And its alot of time taken from me but its all good. I am going to mod and paint nerf guns for this project.


i want to share this

That is really sweet! My favorite cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con are always the Halo characters! Can’t wait to see your finished suit.

Dead Toa…Is that and the helmet a reference to Lego Bionicle?

your mean the bionicle mask right?

Yessir! Looks badass dude

why thank you. i had harden the mask all i need to do is put LEDs and spray paint the mask.

guess what this is?

this is the helmet i am working on for the halo armor project.
and who ever guess right well get this by mail

its going to be painted gray or sliver by the one who wins get to choose and i cant not ship it out side of the continental united states.

EDIT only ONE guess pre member

my first weapon is the side arm. My weapon of choice is a nerf speedload 6. This is the retail Picture.

I wood burn the lables and warnings.

In order to mod and spray paint this gun i most take it apart.like so

I did another post due to picture limit.
I draw in index cards a small not too detail drawing of the gun in layers so this take some time to do so but I put the screws in the drawing on where i got the screws so i don’t get the screws lost or confused with another screw.

this is the insides of the gun

and this is my first coat of paint

I have here is the halo reach pistol which i am going to try to minic with the nerf speedload 6 I post this here is you can see the all most look the same …allmost

hello again I am giving a update on my project and i got the pistol on the works if you see on the other posts. now i have the some what finish halo pistol i just got the mod and the color down now the shape is going to be hard but i am all most done. so here are some pictures and a video of yours truly.

That is all for now. This is only my side arm and I am working on a much bigger nerf gun and its going to have more mods then any had seen before and my halo armor it self will have some features. so stay tune.

Aw man I thought you were gonna wear the Toa helmet with the Halo armor. That was badass in my imagination…

the helmet i have in the video i got it form amazon.com and my toa mask is some thing i made for fun and i have a helmet on the works and its going to be made for the halo armor i just had made the toa mask because i all ways wanted one so i made one. and its not done i need to think what color i want to color it.

I am all most done with the pistol and it needs more detail paint maybe some thing to make it more like the halo reach pistol. It is over sized as you can see but I don’t care.

hey it me again I any one help me with a color scheme for my armor i am thinking black or metallic gray but what else of colors sounld i put on the armror

Real men wear pink. Or that’s what Pvt. Donut tells me.

lol but i am really asking