GWC Podcast #128

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, and we’re tucking in some Big Lebowski awesomeness. Joining us are the authors of I’m A Lebowski, You’re A Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You, Scott Shuffitt and Will Russell. Highlights: We analyze the movie’s complex plot, discuss Donny’s meek outlook and reason for hanging with Walter, hear about the infamous Lebowskifest pope s***ing in the woods costume, shake our heads at rich-people crime, note how everyone just knows where to call the (pre-beeper and pre-phone) Dude, marvel at the art that is The Jesus, wonder who other than Walter and The Dude show up at Larry’s house, love on Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s incredible acting chops, philosophize about bowling alley as community center, enjoy (the smokin’ hot) Maude’s accent and attitude, point out that whenever the Dude says something original he’s absolutely correct, and speculate about what happened Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-style — Did The Dude get paid? Did The Big Lebowski get something out of the deal? And what happened to Bunny and the Nihilists?

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Woo-Hoo! I’ve been polishing my ball in anticipation of this podcast…

I love how Philip Seymour Hoffman flares his nostrils when he laughs uncomfortably.

Oh man , I’m so looking forward to hearing this episode about my favorite movie!

And the writers of that awesome fanbook as guests? , I’m getting a dudegasm ! ( whoa )

Even though we do not celebrate thanksgiving , it’s episodes like these that make me feel part of it :slight_smile:

Dudeism - the right religion for our time and place:

Check out Dudespaper as well.

The myth of the Dude grows every day! Ask yourself, “What Would The Dude Do?”

Hey, I didn’t get to listen yet, having not gotten a hold of the movie, but what is next weeks rewatch going to be?

X-men trilogy

Sweet! And I remember/own them! So far in the entire non-BSG rewatch period the only thing I’ve had to get a hold of to watch is The Big Lebowski and The Sarah Conor Chronicles.

I have never heard an attempt to quantify the genius that is “The Big Lebowski”
(other than in my own disturbed mind)
thank you
the dude abides.

I just got done with my first watch of the movie and listen of the cast…It was fun as heck. You guys have certianlly racked up another fan of it. I’m not sure(even after listening to the cast.) I fully get the movie…but i shall rewatch it some point, a couple of weeks from now. The trio of the dude, walter and donny, actully remind me myself and two friends(although not to those extremes.) Having the fan book creators on was very cool, as was the story about Sean’s ball, I thought that was really sweet

That aside toooootally looking forward to the x-men arc.

By some strange coincidence, and in a bit of cross-genre fandom, I stumbled upon a fan-made “The Dude” character for the Lovecraftian boardgame Arkham Horror yesterday.

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, copied it to my Sansa Clip a second ago.

Oh yeah, and I guess this is my first post, hello everyone :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, Keith Z-G.

Head on over to the (Un)official Introduction Thread and introduce yourself.

This made me laugh.

If the Dude is arrested or delayed, he may restore 1 Sanity or Stmina and he gains 1 Clue token.

Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it. It’s been some time since I’ve seen The Big Lebowski, but I do so love this and any other movie where the Coens go funny (yes, even the highly underrated Hudsucker Proxy and Intolerable Cruelty, which is worth it for George Clooney’s conscious and hilarious overacting and the dude who played “Jaws” in “Moonraker” and “The Spy Who Loved Me” playing an asthmatic hit man called Wheezie Joe–or was it Pete?–who has an unfortunate accident with what he thinks is his inhaler). It’s high time I saw this movie again, though. It’s been too long.

As to X-Men: Really? Do I have to? :stuck_out_tongue: (I will, but only if you promise we’ll do a Chris Nolan Batman arc when The Dark Knight comes out next week.)

Wow, just finished the podcast. I heard my voice, which sounds very strange; I hope everyone had a great Thanks-giving. I know I did, just being home after 9 months at sea and spending time with my wife and friends. We invited all the single sailors over and my wife cooked for 2 days putting on a big fest.

The Big Lebowski a really fun movie to watch. I totally think Cackleberry will be able to get some get lines from this podcast. The porn star in the shower, and Chuck a Tera Reid Fan, that’s the best.

Welcome Home, Robert. Good to hear you enjoying the holiday.

Glad to hear your checking out Gundam 00 sean!
It’s a great show!

I love the X-men movies so look out for a phone call from me! :slight_smile:

another awesome podcast as always.

are we gonna hear anything about the trailers for the upcoming season?

Welcome, Keith Z-G!

And beach23bum we are stoked that you’re back home! Good to hear from you again!

Ah! Good point. We’ll talk about it next time! I haven’t actually seen any of them yet but will make a point to do that soon.