GWC Fantasy Sci-Fi Discussion

I realized during the cast this week that one of the strengths behind fantasy football is that you can look at stats and figures. To help combat this issue I put together a small group of cards that might help you figure out who is on who’s team, what role they are playing and their general strengths and weaknesses. Also, it was fun.

Team Chuck

Team Audra

Team Sean

Rock on and don’t forget to vote next week when the Fantasy Sci-fi League begins their season!

And with a single post Rev. Sean has just trumped the entire history of football. My jealousy of Sean’s coolness is tangible. Watch out Audra! :cool:

We need a forum wide contest!

I would like to be Tom Bombadil. I would probably be Bilbo Baggins.

frakkin brilliant man

Duh! One thing I forgot to add last night…it was late. The side stats mean…

Special Powers

heh, did I mention it was late?

Awesome! Did you give any thought to what the scale is like, similar to what they do with the superhero cards? Maybe a high end and low end number to help compare.

Maybe we con vote on the stats before it begins. Some game balancing if you will.

Inspired by Sean’s awesomeness I thought I would assemble a team. Even if just for fun.

Team Daisuke

I can’t 'shop to save my life but I got a team that wrecks everyone itt.

Marcus Wright, Rodney McKay, Sarutobi ASUMA(BOOM, on a related note I got my friend a pair of Asuma knives for christmas, I’m so jealous), Plo Koon.

We got an enhanced human with the ability to sacrifice himself for the benefit of the other humans, the second best scientist on earth who works 999% better while under pressure, Solid Snake with ninja powers and two badass knives, and a kickass Jedi who is also one of the best pilots in the order’s history

Yes, my artist/sci-fi-nut niece and I spent the day yesterday balancing and trying to get the scale right to put on the cards in superhero/d&d fashion.

The scales are about as accurate as I could make them within reason :slight_smile:

Rock on!
Note: anyone who wants the PS templates for the cards just email/PM me and I will send them to you.

Team Boxy




It takes a genius like me to have so many multi-talented team members. Except McKay. He is mostly there to be shot at.
I really do think team Sean is the strongest, although I have a feeling Audra will actually win.

Nice team. Thor’s probably the weak link, and I’m not sure how well HK-47 will get along with the rest of the team, but it still looks good.

Yeah but Thor can do anything that involves being smart. Like reprogram HK-47. With his mind.
I figure HK and Wrex would get along splendidly if a few meatbags (like Conan) showed up.

— For those playing with the card template —

To make a perfect picture cutout for the window,

Position your pic under the “pic border” (so you can see how it will look in the frame) and select the path in the paths palette (0 feather) and do make selection. Invert selection (shift + control i) then hit delete.

Sounds complex but it takes 2 seconds and it comes out perfect everytime.

Rock on and I hope that helps.

Well, I haven’t thought of a hero team yet, but here’s a villain draft team:

Robot: Lore

“The reign of biological life-forms is coming to an end…”

Scientist: Saruman

“The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machine of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the orc.”
I know this is a bit borderline, but I figured he was close enough and I couldn’t think of many good villain scientists.

Warrior: Darth Vader

“When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.”

Alien: Ba’al

“With your insolence, you are dooming not just your world but all of humanity.”

hmmm now I want to draft…

Robot: Helper (from Venture Brothers)
Scientist: Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter, who cares if she’s always wrong)
Warrior: Captain Jack Harkness (Who/TW-has many many abilities)
Alien: The Doctor (or is this counted as “NO GODS!”)

Well, this is a fanfic waiting to happen…

Here are my picks:

Robot: R. Daneel Olivaw

Scientist: Spock

Warrior: James T. Kirk

Alien: Kal-El

lol, nope. No superman. No gods. :smiley: If you get that funky high from the yellow sun…no Fantasy league for you only justice league

No Gods allowed!

Awww craaap! I didn’t hear the 'cast yet. I dunno know there were rules and stuff. Hmmmm, have to think about the alien thing.

Pssst, someone chose Ba’al. That gets a pass?

Alright, if I can’t choose Superman, can I have Leeloo?


Leeloo gets a pass.


Got it.