GWC at the Movies

A thread for GWCer’s to post reviews or general impressions about movies they have seen, rather than using a seperate thread for every single movie we have recently seen.

I’ll start with-

Drive Angry: Extremely fun but graphically violent film, over the top gunplay and slo-mo splatter and explosions. Beautiful vintage cars doing exciting stunts and lots of nudity… If you are into that sort of thing ahem :groucho: Plenty of comedy to offset the violence, but this is by no means for everyone. My guess would be if you enjoyed Machette you will enjoy this as well.

Paul: It is a Simon Pegg, Nick Frost film. Need I say more? Is is crude rude and side slittingly funny… if you are a Geek. It is Hot Fuzz for Science Fiction Geeks! It is loaded with film, TV, Convention and comic book references; much the same way Hot Fuzz was loaded with action film references and homages. It is a visual Geek Buffet of nerdiness, fan service, slapstick, comedy and crude yet oddly appropriate humor. I loved it!

Unknown: Liam Neeson goes badass in europe again… Kept me guessing through most of the movie, a nice change for once. I found it enjoyable and the characters were beliveable and well played.

I am avoiding The Adjustment Bureau and I am number four like the plague, I have heard nothing good about either of them. And I am not desperate enough for entertainment yet to go see Rango.

Rango - Saw this last Sunday. It was incredible and I loved it. It is the sort of movie I need to watch again with a pen and paper so I can write down all the references

I Am Number 4 was good, it does have an interesting story not just a teen angst movie. Also liked Red Riding Hood…and Michael Hogan (Tigh!) is in this one. :slight_smile:

Does this count for stuff we’ve rented/Netflixed/etc.? If so, Ink. I watched it at a friend’s suggestion this afternoon and loved it. Took me a bit to get into because it has kind of an odd start, but the characters and soundtrack drew me in and I was in love by the end. Basically, it revolves around these unseen groups of beings: Storytellers (cause good dreams), Incubi (freaky people who cause nightmares), and Drifters (essentially ghosts.) A little girl gets taken by a Drifter (and ends up in a coma in real life) and the story goes from there.

It’s on Instant Watch and Hulu!

It has been recommended to me on Netflix (via my movie scores) and I have been tempted many a time to watch it. Now I think I will, thanx! :slight_smile:

Ink is definately a must-watch. Some people need to make it past the 15 to 20 minute mark before they get into it, but I was invested almost from the start. Great movie.

Rango was a lot of fun.

Limitless was better than I expected.

I Am Number Four was okay. The first hour is a teen angst romance drama with bits of sci-fi stuffed in here and there. Then, it goes from Twilight to Gamer-porn in 3.2 seconds and stays there for a good half-hour. Shark aliens with badass sci-fi guns, teleporting ninja chick with lightsaber, flying squirrel demon monsters … yeah, that part of it was fun.

Rango is a lot of fun and answers the age-old question of can you make the classic noir Chinatown into a children’s animated western.

The Adjustment Bureau is a really good love story with a rather weak ending. But that shouldn’t keep you from seeing it.

Hot chicks - oh my yes
machine guns - most def
samurai and dragons - absolutely
visual effects - frakkin awesome

I’ll be honest - if you are looking for intricate plot, cohesive story, and Academy award winning acting - as Rev Sean would say “this aint your ride”.

If you want to see hot chicks kick ass…it’s fun.

Sucker Punch:

Visually it is amazing, and in terms of action it is top notch. Story-wize it was surprisingly mature, which was quite a shock. And there were twists in the story I did not expect, which has rarely been the case most of the time.

And the ending… Is bittersweet, I shall leave it at that; which was also unexpected. Another unexpected thing was how emotional I felt by the end, I actually teared up.

I just want to throw my vote with omra and the operator - I agree with everything they said - Despite a generally negative critical response I think GWC’ers will get a huge kick out of the movie. It dam fun.
Especially in imax:-). If you can’t see it in imax, make sure you’re theater has a good sound system and that they turn it up. It has an awesome rock soundtrack that’ll shake the theater.

totally forgot to mention the music…absolutely rocks. getting from iTunes now in fact

I’ll chime in on Cos-Play the movie…er…Sucker Punch. My review elsewhere was:

This was a complete hot mess of a movie. There was about 5 minutes of real story and you got 4.5 minutes right at the beginning. It was really very pretty to look at. In many ways it was a controllerless video game. There were layers of metaphor and some good symbolism and did I mention it was pretty? I did like it. As long as you go in expecting mostly a puff piece with great visuals then you will be fine. If you must see it in the theater then do go for a matinee otherwise DVD wold be fine.

My guys both liked it very much. I either wanted less or more story.

As soon as I can get money in the bank i’ll be getting the soundtrack as well.

Yes the soundtrack is great; I picked it up on itunes after seeing the film, and noticed that almost all of the musical artists are female, which I thought was a nice touch. Since he was trying (though many will claim he failed) to make a movie which glorifies and empowers women, much the way 300 did for men.

I will not voice my opinion as to whether he did so or not but I will say that I applaud his effort, I like to see artists take risks and try someing new and daring. It beats yet another re-make right? :smiley:

how about a rewatch movie like lost boys ? i haven’t seen that movie in forever i rewatched for the other day it was awsome:groucho:

Just got home from seeing Paul…it was a really fun movie from Pegg and Frost. Love those guys together. Loads of homages to other Sci-Fi films (and non Sci-Fi…Agent Lorenzo Zoil…hehehe…Lorenzo’s Oil) from the mid-seventies onward. Also loved how the beginning and ending scenes were at the SDCC! I’ll be looking frame by frame for GWCers when the DVD comes out.

Blythe Danner’s character (older Tara) delivers the best line to Sigorney Weaver’s character…“Get away from her you bitch!”

And the ticket dude at the Rave Theater RAWKS, he inked 2 squares on my loyality card and let me in for free after I said Paul @ 1:30! Woot…and gave me a new card with the first square inked. 5 movies and I get a free medium popcorn!

For some reason, my first instinct was to clap when she delivered that line. It was absolutely perfect.

Paul was an excellent movie and I’m sure that every member of the GWC community will enjoy it.

Saw age of dragons, well this is great concept that was wasted.

I mean moby Dick with dragons it would make a great tv show.

But this movie well sigh… Just sigh

Yep, Paul was a big hit around here too. I laughed aloud and clapped often. It really is one of those sit down and make a list of the references movies.

On Friday there was an outing to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. It was a cute family movie. I hadn’t seen the first one but it didn’t matter at all.

Only about half the theater got this one. I don’t know how it’s possible. But Samantha had no idea. She asked me afterward why it was funny that his first name was Lorenzo.