Girl Geek Hobbies

Ok ladies - what kind of hobbies do you have? While I dabble in a lot of things, here are the biggies:

Cross-stitch - about the girliest thing I do.
Woodworking - so far I’ve made a cedar chest, a couple of monitor stands for work, and I mess around with some custom framing with my hubby.
Shooting - not hunting (not really anyway) but I have a really nice Browing competition target 22 pistol that I mess with. So far my only complaint is that the clip only holds 10 rounds…
Gaming - not a lot but I am addicted to Sid Meyer’s Pirates and have several games for my Nintendo DS. Oh - and Soduku puzzles. Lots and lots of Soduku puzzles.

That’s about it for hobbies. I do read a ton, but that’s not really a hobby - it’s more like meditation for me!

My hobbies are
[li]Fantasy Congress
[/li][li]Crossword puzzles
[/li][li]Collecting obscure, fun bits of early American history
[/li][li]Cooking and baking (here’s the girly)

Good idea, SPatterson :slight_smile: Perhaps I’ll pick up some new hobbies.

Girls and guns are a pretty dang hot combination!

That must be why my hubby keeps me around! I adore my 22 but my shotgun and I have some disagreements on occasion. It doesn’t always shoot where I tell it to. Of course, that could have something to do with me closing my eyes JUST as I pull the trigger - NAH! :smiley:

Scares the living crap out of me.

Yoga. It’s not actually a girly hobby, but a lot of people seem to think so…

my main hobby is knitting. I especially enjoy geekish, movie/tv related projects, like the Jayne hat. right now I’m working on a Firefly-inspired sock. the design looks something like a winged bug and the pattern is called Kaylee, but the color I chose reminds me more of Inara. I plan to make a pair of Kaylee socks in a brighter, shinier color.

I also like to dabble in photography.

I think it’s an American thing…

— Dismal with dual-citizenship

It must be. :cool:

Us crazy Americans and our guns;)

Sorry, no guns here. Just traditional girlie things like cooking and scrap booking, but I’m good at both. I have fired a shotgun before though, which must count for something.

If anyone wants to take a peek at my Flickr page (, I’ve got a snap up there of a large wolf cross-stitch project I did! It took me about 3 years to get all the stitching done - I kept having to put it aside for a while so my brain wouldn’t fry. :slight_smile:

Since I’m in Texas the girls-n-guns thing goes with out saying, really. I like calf roping and bronc riding too. Mostly I watch now days, I’m too old to chase the calves down anymore. :frowning:

And I make jewelry for myself and friends. I’m trying to figure out how to do the Galactica seal/crest/banner deal-y (what is that thing called?) using seed beads for a blue-jeans jacket but that one’s going to take a while. Usually seed beads make my head hurt just to think about them but that may be the only way accomplish this particular project.

I bet you could to the BSG emblem with the melting plastic stuff. You could make a pin. I don’t know anything about making jewelry, but I know where all the supplies are at Michael’s! Whatever you make, post a picture.

Hmm, DawnAZ please tell me more about the melting plastic stuff? In my minds eye, I’m seeing the ship’s crest (that’s what they call it on the scifi Web site, so it’s good enough for me) on a black denim jacket.

Hey are you thinking shrinky dinks? That might work…

I’ve seen these at Michael’s, they’re strips of different colored plastic. You can cut it up and then melt it, like a shrinky dink, but it doesn’t get smaller like they do. I forget what the correct name is. Next time I’m in Michael’s I’ll check.

Sewing miniature (2") teddy bears (bad for the eyes! Haha. And hand cramps too - ow!)
Making curtains and pillowcases
Hand-made notebooks
Sewing costumes (I made a Jedi robe that doubles as a Hogwarts robe, once)
Backyard astronomy

You’re my hero.

I know you can use Sculpey or Fimo clay and bake it to set it. There are a lot of crafty ways to do it. Please, do post a pic. That sounds way cool.

I am a crafter myself. Rubber stamping, jewelry making, sewing, all kinds of kid projects with my 5 yr old daughter. I used to crochet, but not much since my Grandma, who taught me, passed.

I dig making hand-made gifts.

me! b!

ps: I also made a Padawan outfit for my friend for Comicon, back before we knew how disappointing PM was going to be.

I’ve seen that sock pattern on Ravelry, it’s really pretty!
My main hobby is knitting, but I do other “crafty” stuff like scrapbooking, sewing, cross stitch, and I also enjoy geocaching. My kids have a bunch of 4-H projects (sheep, goats, chickens) so I’ve kinda been dragged into all that as a hobby as well. Oh and listening to podcasts, can’t forget that!